Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick and easy trim upgrade

As you can see I was inspired to just get to work yesterday and upgrade the trim in our powder room , it seemed to be a good way to spend my afternoon .

I actually doubled the depth of the trim without ripping anything out at all . I just simply added to what I already had.
Around the casing I could not add a back band because the trim was too shallow , so I added a simple piece of square edge stock pine finger jointed moulding which beefed up the casing , I would have loved to had all new but there was no room on the right side of the jam for anything more substantial so the added trim was my solution.

I added a perimeter of trim two inches below the existing crown and painted it all with a few coats of fresh white.

I added bead board to only the one wall where the ledge protrudes , I still plan on adding a sill.

I sanded the bead board to smooth out its rough texture , but ended up liking the look so much I left it that way.

I installed the beadboard about three inches above the baseboard and covered the raw bottom edges with this chair rail moulding , it fakes the look of a deeper baseboard.
This was a cheap and easy update for our powder room , a great choice rather than ripping out all the existing trim , instead I worked with it , warning , working in such a small space is annoying but worth it .

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