Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday's are my busy days

This is a great tv stand , I wonder if it comes in the grey like the below piece.
I went over to Ikea today , I needed to pick up some more pillow forms , the feather ones , they are $6.99 each , no better price , so it's worth the drive. I found a few new pieces , this grey dresser is amazing , well under $200.00 , it even has a hidden interior drawer to keep change and jewelry, too cool .

Today is picture day , which means kids get up bright and early , oh my kids are good they do that everyday , well most days , they make their own lunches , I should be insulted , I guess I never gave them the snacks they wanted , boo hoo me huh!

This little one of mine is growing up in fast speed lately , look at this adorable dress , I found it at a thrift store , it is a size 1 , wow this is what a size 1 looks like . She was going into the city to the Orchestra earlier today , they were told to dress appropriately , I am so glad she doesn't mind getting dressed up .

I was also able to finish up the pink princess room I have been working on .

The pillows I made now have an awfully comfy home .

The perfect spot for princess gowns and crowns of course .

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