Sunday, October 11, 2009

The family room

I took some current photos of our family room yesterday with our new addition the cute settee , which apparently the dog barfed on last night , OH MY ! , hubby cleaned it up , and actually did a perfect job too , this is a miracle of sorts , put it this way I should call him MR MUSTARD , gosh he loves that stuff he applies it like he's in a commercial , that means in ABUNDANCE and he leaves a trail of it everywhere , your feeling my pain right ! , cause mustard is the worst thing to clean out of slipcovers ... once I found a huge smug of yellow on my new slipcover and asked him about it , he said he had cleaned it ,to which I wondered "with what mustard?"
I think it is safe to say it is done, well of course there will be changes to come I am sure , but nothing big , what else is there to do? I replaced the floor and the ceiling , added wainscoting , customized the fireplace and entertainment center, pot light , all the furniture I am happy with , no it is all good , I love it . It only took 8 years to get it to this spot , hey baby steps , right!

I am really nearing the end of all my major decor projects , what will I do when I get things just so , well I have decided after that I will make this house a machine of organization , with pull out and organizers galore , doesn't that sound nice .
Next years big projects will be new patio doors { the sliders have got to go , they are yuck yuck yuck } as well I want to build a great pergola structure around the deck something very architectural and with lanters.
I have got figure out somehow how to get an inground swimming pool in our backyard , we really want one , a pretty one , but there is not access to our backyard for machinery , the hole would need to be hand dug , sounds fun doesn't it . Maybe we just need a crane...sounds like a bargain doesn't it .
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends , enjoy some turkey and be thankful
Happiness is not getting all you want , it is wanting all you've got !

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