Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh Kate

We are going to a Halloween party as Jon and Kate , you all know Jon and Kate right , because apparently if you are in your early twenties you may have no clue as to who they are , twice this week while searching for the "kate" wig people asked what movie is that from ? do these people live under a rock?
So obviously I could not find the wig and it is too late to order it online , so I made my own , yes it is a bit too blond so I will go get some make-up and add in some low lites , darn it but didn't I do the part on the wrong side , too funny anyway , I scared the kids yesterday when I showed them .
I put this photo up on Facebook and people thought this was my real hair , shame , so they actually thought I was going for platinum blond , frizzy dry and "short" Katesque hair, I do not do short hair and if I was going to copy a hair do it would not be Kate Gosselin.

I will just say it here , that there was a time I felt sad to Jon because of the way Kate put him down and criticized him , it was so awful , but sweetie Jon clearly is a dirt bag , no more feeling sorry for him not for that sorry sack of s@#t , it had to be said.

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