Sunday, October 18, 2009

Come with me to the cellar would you ...

Its not so much finished but I am hoping this week it will really turn a corner , I am determined to get these last walls rough wired , insulated and clad in wood and painted , as well as the risers clad with wood and have them completely trimmed and painted, that is the goal.

This is me getting tired of waiting , I am not so good at waiting for things to get done , especially home projects , I don't see the point in putting things off after all if you do they pile up , if it is not an issue of money this cost less than $30.00 and we have a spool of wire so its not that , although I have NO desire to learn wiring , winter is approaching , and in our basement I can feel it . Once it gets too cold I can not work out side so the pressure is on to get these things done so I can keep working , soon I will be shut down for wood working . I have been doing a lot of work projects in my new half or quarter finished room , it has been great to keep these things out of the way safe from harm and lessening the mess in the rest of the house.

So anyway , the hold has been the wiring , this room will need lights and plugs , I am using extension cords right now but that will not do . My plans include two wall sconces above the desk , a couple of plug outlets , and maybe some pot lights above the desk , wouldn't I just love one of those lights in my walk in closet that turns on when you open the door , a heck I need a door too .
I left the wiring up to the husband , waiting and waiting keeping busy with other projects for the last two months , holding my tongue , clearly my lighting needs are not an ever present concern , so as he is away I decided to tackle it , although I would gladly hand it over is asked.
The maybe commitment was mid to late November so I guess I will learn wiring , I bought a book and went to Home Depot for my boxes, it of course wasn't so hard .

It has come a long way , and is quite functional but there is still much to do like:
~finish the stairs trim , treads and risers , along with painting them,
~more paneling
~lighting , wiring
~door for the closet
~baseboards and corner trim
This is all just my office area , then we move onto the laundry area , a storage room , a gym room and a finished office for my husband and the crawl space will be finished into a hang out for the kids , when all is said and done that will make for 6 tv's in this house , 1 in the family room , 1 in the living room , 1 in our bedroom , 1 in Mason's bedroom , 1 in my office , and 1 in the crawlspace hangout , we better add one to the workout area or no one will use that spot.
much improved closet area
before a skeleton of a closet

All the work that has been done so far has made this basement work much better for us , it is easier to keep it tidy , I think my husband just thought I was really messy {but just below ground level }, however it is really hard to keep things clean when nothing has a spot , there was no storage , I have added a walk in closet which holds a boat load of stuff , the shelves in the laundry area hold my tools , paints , sewing machine , wrapping supplies , paper towels , it has really helped me immensely.
I dream of a day when the house is complete from top to bottom , what a dream come true.

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