Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clearly I have ADD

I really do think I have adult onset ADD I can't sit still , I am always doing and doing , project after project , this blog has been not only an outlet for me to share but a motivator as well , need things to post about after all, sometimes just daily , I rarely miss a day , many days I have multiple posts , sometimes I ramble sometimes I teach .

Often I am blown away by the kindness shown to me for the things I do , and who wouldn't appreciate that ? I do appreciate it as well .
Yesterday I was mentioned on the Canadian House and Home Blog as part of a list of Great Canadian Blogs , I am in very good company . I have been reading House and Home for as long as I have been in a home of my own , so 17 years now.
Thank you Trish for acknowledging me , it was so kind and such fun to read.

Go check out H&H blog , I am sure you will find great ideas and inspiration .

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