Friday, October 2, 2009

Pleated edge linen Slipcover

I decided to go ahead and do this project with piping, I normally steer far from piping , I didn't want an amateurish look .
My husband came home and asked me if I made this cover? I told him NO ,I had had it made , he wasn't surprised ,but really it was me , he was pretty darn impressed , I am so glad I tried to do this myself. It really makes the room for me. The total cost for this project was $22.00.
I used the left over fabric to make this pillow , I did box pleats on this one , this fabric was so easy to work with I could make the fold by just pressing them into place , it must be linen if I could do this.

It is hard for me to explain how I made this piece , I just examined the photo of the golden colored ottoman cover in an earlier post from yesterday , and figured it out.
This cover should solve my cleaning problems , I can now just launder this cover when it gets dirty .

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