Saturday, August 28, 2010

cupcakes are the cure

How adorable is my new cupcake necklace? , well it is pretty cute isn't it , you know I love cupcakes, real , faux , whatever.
Well I found these beautiful handmade glass cupcake beads on Etsy recently while looking for charms . CL Beads is the name of the shop the prices are also fabulous. We orderd them and got them a week later after Sophie checked the mail everyday for their arrival, she was so excited to get them in her little hands, see they were for her .

Every end of summer we prepare to go back to school and with Sophie having her peanut allergy she needs to wear a medic alert bracelet , which has been a challenge , so I figured we could dress it up to take away from the look of the medic alert bracelet , charms , well of course we both loved the cupcake charms, once I saw them I knew they would be perfect.

Cupcakes save the day again ...

Friday, August 27, 2010

More fun with owls

I had quite an assembly line happening last night , making owl after owl , this one is my favorite, my sleepy owl , so cute .
Like birds on a wire...

Even Mason wanted a couple too...

Oh so soft and cuddly..

Lots of soft fluffy owls to love...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

who gives a HOOT

Sophie has recently fallen in love and notices owl's all over the place since she bought an adorable pair of PJ's with an owl print, she recently saw a plush owl on etsy she wanted it , well I have loads of left over fabric , I knew I could save some dough and make her happy too , so I dug up some yummy chenille I found at a thrift store and some remnants and there you have it , Sophie designed her very own one of a kind owl.
Hoot hoot it's darn cute, I have a bunch more fabric so I am going to make a few more for fun .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Mudroom

My perfect mudroom includes lots of paneling , hooks for easy coat and purse storage , it needs lots of white , closed storage , easy clean hard wearing flooring, and a of course a mirror for quick hair checks.... I didn't get a separate room like I would love but this spot function quite well for us.

Well its not really a room as much as a nook but it works well as our mudroom , I couldn't live without these hooks, kids and hooks go so well together.
Baskets to keep shoes confined , with a house including 3 girls there are bound to be a lot of shoes.

The slate floors are a dream for our entry .

I also have this cabinet for over flow and for the perfect key dumping spot.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wonderland , Sleep study and Lazy boys


Things have been rather busy lately , with the kids still at home and finding myself "jobless" as of very soon I have decided it is the right time to get myself a "real" job , so after 13 years I find myself trying to put together a flattering resume , I have applied for a few jobs , I am hoping to hear back very soon ,I really am looking forward to getting back to a "real" job and all that benefits that it can bring my family , it feels like the right time, especially with the way things are evolving with my part time job of providing childcare grow up and have changing needs , I am going with the flow.

Last night ended with me sleeping in a lazy boy chair , I didn't see that coming , I thought I was going to spend my night on a cot , but I can go with the flow .

See Sophie has been having some signs of sleep apnea , signs like she stops breathing ....BIG SIGN , so the ENT wanted to make sure there was a problem seeing as she doesn't "snore" , which apparently all people with sleep apnea do !!! well actually I beg to differ or maybe my idea of snoring is not the same as my doctors, my other daughter had sleep apnea , due to BIG tonsils and she never snored , breathed with difficulty , yes and made some noise , yes , but snored NO she did not ! So we will see.

Sophie may need to have her tonsils out , like I did and my older daughter did , it benefited us greatly , but was not fun , nor was this awful sleep study set up by the looks of it for this poor dear, I couldn't take a photo of Sophie as my camera died yesterday , can you believe that !!! I can't I NEED my camera.

This is what my bed for the night looked like , I am aching this morning , but I don't know if it is from the Wii boxing I did a couple of days ago or from riding roller coasters yesterday ....

We started the day off at Canada's Wonderland , such a different experience than last years visit around this time , a lot can change in a year , you may remember last years visit was star studded look here ya'll know JUSTIN BIEBER now right!!! well I am sure glad we got to take the girls to see him last year because to take 3 kids and me it would cost about $629.00 , yikers anyone want to donate tickets to my girls....??anyone ???you'll let me know then.

Here are the girls trying a ride they have never tried , they came prepared in their bikini's , even though it was a little cool they were all so looking forward to this ride , Timberwolf Falls , can you say wet!

Here they go...

It was a huge hit ! they couldn't get me or Todd to try , we weren't willing to be wet for the rest of the day , no thanks

I guess they didn't get wet enough , that sign says Splash Zone ...

I'd say that's a splash zone alright , where did they go???

While waiting in line for a roller coaster I thought this spot had a great backdrop for some pictures , but the camera wasn't focusing....strange...., right after this shot was taken the skies opened up and we got stuck in the rain , the roller coaster got shut down and we spent about 30 minutes thankfully waiting under some shelter waiting for the storm to pass times

I tried and tried but it just got worse , and it is really really dead , oh no, so no good photos of Sophie from her sleep study , she did great and we got a fantastic technician , he was so good with her , he said she did better then the grown men there , one even had a little fit and left in the middle of the night , big baby , and she definitely snored , not a lot and not all the time but she did , so they proved me wrong , I don't know what this means , probably a tonsillectomy in the near future , I am feeling thankful for the free health care we enjoy here in Canada, nothing has cost us a penny , not even parking last night , BRILLIANT! you're wrong Elisabeth Hasselbeck health care isn't for the socialists.....!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daybed makeover reveal.

Let's start with a good before just to see how far this bed has come .

How could I have forgotten to show you the after of the bed makeover , this is how things turned out . I finished adding the the v-groove and painting it all white . Sophie picked out a twin comforter at Burlington coat factory , not my choice but she loved it so much I couldn't say no.

I added the party flags I made for the girls parties , I thought it would add some color and fun to the room.

I must say I am happy with the transformation of the bed , and I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

Did I forget to show you my exciting new shower curtain from Target ? well here it is in the kids bathroom , Simply Shabby Chic ruffle shower curtain for $19.00 what a deal , adorable.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freshly baked

I have been very busy for the last two days making flowers then yesterday baking cakes and cupcakes for a BBQ celebrating my sister in laws marriage , we couldn't go to their destination wedding but I sure could make their Canadian wedding cake.

This was me testing to see if this sweet cake would fit in the intended cupcake courier thankfully it just fit , lucky me.
I think it looks so pretty just like this in the blue with while pearl butter creme drops but my fondant is not quite flawless and thankfully she wanted the same as my birthday cake which is in the above header , with the cherry blossoms.

Here it is complete finally after about 12 hours of work , hooray !, with all the little flowers and branches applied my plans turned out because I wanted it to look even better than my cake and I think it does, I like the taller statures using three layers in each tier.

I made a bunch of cupcakes too , this one is red velvet with butter creme.

This is my favorite cupcake for certain.

These are yellow cake with butter creme, oh I love these too.

Well there you have it , I have been very busy baking away and creating delicious confections .
Enjoy one of the last weekends of summer .

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flower power

I just had to show you how my baskets and window box have come a long long way since they were planted back at the end of May.Above is how they look today , all lush and full and below oh so long ago.
And here day 1 , sad and piddly , but I had faith that time and miracle grow would work wonders .

Much nicer today than the first day I planted them wouldn't you say .

Oh late spring , such sad little babies but now full grown and lush.

We are nearly finished the front pathway , we have made it all the way to the sidewalk and over to the driveway as well , now we just need to find a free weekend to finish off the few remaining pieces to fill in the path and to create a nice generous walkway, then I will try the moss growth encourager method of applying yogurt and moss .

This has been one of the most consistently hot summer ever , it feels more like Florida here than Ontario these days.
Happy gardening.

Monday, August 9, 2010

{cuppies by chris}

For all the readers locally within the Durham region Ontario , I wanted to let you know in case you didn't already know , I have a little home based business called {cuppies by chris} I am a cupcake baker and I would love to make some cupcakes for you for your birthdays , baby showers , wedding showers , anniversaries and any kind of get together , cupcakes make a great dessert for all gatherings all year round . I make custom cupcakes that are peanut free and freshly baked just for you .
Check out my facebook page here {cuppies by chris} vanilla , chocolate , cookies and creme, red velvet , lime , lemon , rainbow .

*delivery available