Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Antiques at Home

I nearly forgot to show you where my antique market finds ended up .
I used three of the four letters I found for the bedrooms and bathroom doors in the upper hall .
I used to "A" for Sophie's room as her middle name is Alyssa.

I used the "G" for the bathroom , this will allow for easy directing of guests , the door with the G is the bathroom , the "gotta go" room . Hey I have kids , alright!

Lucky "M" found it way to Mason's door .

I am using the egg basket for toilet paper storage in the bathroom , it is actually very handy.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Nursery is Complete

My cousin and his wife are having their 3rd baby this week, I have made them the bedding set , but that is all I have done for this room , Scott has completed this room transformation just in time, by ripping out the carpet and installing cork flooring and also adding the wainscoting , when they moved in to this house Scott installed the custom closets.
Sorry to cause any confusion although I normally show you my work this is not {well except the sewing}my handy work and no I am not having a baby , my baby is 8 years old , that is as baby as I get , but it will be fun to visit with a new baby in the family.
The bedding I made looks pretty good , who knew I could make this kind of stuff.

New trim , I love this double wainscot feature , gorgeous.

New soft on foot cork floors.

A fresh coat of paint to welcome a new baby girl , lucky girl a closet full of outfits just waiting to be modeled.

The room is ready , only one more whole day to wait.

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is so fun

I am having so much fun personalizing the jewelry we already have , like this ID bracelet I bought for my husband about 13 years ago, I had thought about having it engraved but nothing ever seemed right . Maybe it was meant to be left , left for me to inscribe in this new and fun way . He asked and I hammered away.
I bought some supplies at Micheal's craft store , I bought packs of chains , and these little charms in the above photo { which I don't like as much as the real raw silver disc's} I made these little bead charms as well .

They are little , we wore our all days yesterday , I love how they look , mine is on a very long chain , so fun , I can see this will be addictive , great gifts.

Try something new , Create !

Justin Bieber Madness

Worn out from a day of fun.
Screaming girls as far as the eye could see , and louder than anything I had ever heard.

Mason and her friend showing you the giant line up {to the left there} , it was probably a good half mile long .

Boy crazed girls trying to sneak a peak , just before they got kicked out of the bushes .

How cute is this picture , Dad kept our spot in line while I ran around getting the girls tattooed and gathering our dinners.

I wanted to share with you the television taping we went to last night at Wonderland {our local amusement park} we were really there to see this kid Justin Bieber , OK I have never been to an event like this , thousands of screaming girls , it was a miracle I didn't come away with hearing damage , but it was fun , I guess I missed out on that in my younger days , it was fun to see my girl's experience this kind of thing and to make it happen for them to look back on.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old and New

I have been wanting to make my own stamped jewelry , I think that it is charming and possibly easy .
When I was at the Aberfoyle antique market a few months back I had looked at some stamps , not realizing what they were for. After realizing these were the tools I was after I needed to make another trip to find those tools , well I was lucky this time and after asking a booth owner if he has such letter stamps , he showed me a tiny little set , a full set , I was so thrilled .

I came right home and after an attempt at a nap, I like always, couldn't wait to try something new , stamping silver .
I always wear a Tiffany style silver bracelet with a heart tag , I first stamped Sophie and Mason's names on either side , turns out to darken the letters you can use a sharpie , how easy is that .
I think I am hooked , I grabbed some other silver pieces like my cuff bracelet and stamped in "create" how fitting for me who lives to create .
I recently bought some silver discs to make into pendants but I will show you more on that later.

I will now show you all the other goodies I found there today...

These letters where hidden under some rusty old hand tools in a box , I don't know how I saw them there , I think I will add them to a piece of furniture , I am not trying to spell anything , I just bought what appealed to me.

Great patina! they are much smaller than they appear , they are smaller than the palm of my hand , I will show you soon.

Mason needed this sign , who knew she liked signs , I guess it is a new thing. Sophie got a faux pearl necklace for $2.00 and a little green glass alligator, and the stamp set was just $23.00.

Oh happy new hobby .

I found those painted hooks I was looking for .

There was a table full of jars for $2.00 each, I loved the lids .
I think these will be great for cotton balls or q-tips.

I also found my wire basket , an egg basket , I am using it for toilet paper in the master bathroom which makes it useful already .

So there you go , that was my day , hope you too had a good day , another busy day tomorrow , seeing the girl's favorite boy singer , should be fun and loud , I better go rest up , which is why I decided to put together this post tonight , I might not have gotten around to it tomorrow .
Cheers for now

Antique Market Finds

I had decided that there were to be no more new pieces of furniture coming into the house , that is of course why I kept coming across these wonderful pieces that I would give an arm for , right? Like this cupboard , I really would have made room for this baby , the green painted interior made me so happy , it was so hard to walk away.

We got to the market a little after lunch and they were calling for rain , it looked pretty gloomy , so unlike our normal approach we got down to business , and kind of rushed through , all the time I was looking for a fellow blogger Jennifer from Rambling Renovators but I did not see her , this place is a real maze and I got swept up in my cause and forgot to bring her phone number , I can be such a forgetful girl.
This would be a beautiful addition to our home as well .
This time I had a list , normally I do not , I go with an open mind , but this time my list consisted of :
~letters and numbers , probably metal
~hooks , painted ones
~stamping letter tools , little ones
~pretty jars
~seltzer bottles , coloured ones
~wire baskets or locker bins

Look at these beautiful giant corbels , they would make a great desk support , or island overhang support .

Loads more too .

Pretty simple buckets , these would make great toy bins .

Wire caddy , I thought it was a bit pricey at around $50.00

You know I loved this pretty tall dresser in my colour of choice.

A mail sorter , I think it was beautiful , but what could you do with this , besides fill it with crap or trinkets.

Little girl pieces , my daughters aren't into this anymore I just wanted to show you the size of them , how sweet, Umbrellas in hand it was a good thing we brought them too .
It did rain , and then some .

I loved this shelf with its beautiful paint , at $85.00 it was a bit pricey for me , as well I can't imagine where I would put it , maybe I will attempt a knock-off version.

I am so entirely tired today , from driving back and forth and from this weather pattern knocking me down .
I will show you my own goodies tomorrow , I almost completed my list ya'll !

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tonic Living

I was tipped onto this Toronto based website company Tonic Living a couple of days ago by my sister law , I was thrilled to see bold modern cotton printed fabrics and pillows for a great price , and I was happy to see I could use pay pal to order some fabric samples for a mere $1.00 plus a minor shipping fee .
Wonderful selection , you can shop in US or Canadian funds , they also make futon covers and employ local sewers , sounds great to me .