Monday, October 5, 2009

Sharing and Remembering

I wanted to share with you the real reason behind me wanting to try out this art of stamping jewelry , it is because I wanted to remember my niece "Bella" who's life was cut short , 9 months ago . I could have bought a pendant I am sure but I thought it would have more meaning if I were to make it myself. { I know it is not perfect but it is from the heart}

My brother and his wife lost their precious baby girl the month before her due date.
It was such a painful loss for them and for the whole family . She will never be forgotten .
It turns out my sister in law has an underlying condition called APS also know as Hughes Syndrome which can be triggered by pregnancy, this causes many potential problems in pregnancy, when a woman gets pregnant it can be the cause of recurrent seemingly unexplained miscarriages , and still born deaths. { severe headaches , vomiting after the first three months , leaking amniotic fluid , restricted growth often the cause of re dating pregnancies , protein in the urine , abdominal pains ,pre-eclampsia to name a few , sadly many of these can mascaraed as normal pregnancy symptoms which is why it can get missed}
I wanted to share this with you to educate . If you are pregnant or know someone who is it is good to know the signs of danger , signs that were missed that could have made a difference , I blame the doctor for not noticing or doing his job correctly , he didn't even call them after, unbearable isn't it?
It is also so important to do kick counts , in trying to find answers for this terrible loss I learned just how often babies are lost to cord deaths at full term , doing kick counts can help to enlighten all if there is reason for concern for the health and well being of babies in late term pregnancy is not to be missed.
Be well.

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