Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just when you think your done

Does your family listen to you ? Sometimes it is hard to express just how important the little things are . We have two dogs and at this time of year after buckets of rain and cold temperatures the yard somehow comes in a little at a time on the eight paws of those dogs, I have dealt with this by buying rubber booties , they didn't work , the dogs couldn't stand them , a rug at the door , a towel , the best way has turned out to be wiping their feet EVERY time they come in with paper towels .
But if you don't do the slipcover washing then maybe letting them in without wiping wouldn't seem like such a BIG deal , I have tried to explain it to everyone , apparently I am the only one who has a problem with mud covered sofas, but I think they are getting it . Sophie made this sign for the back door ,a helpful reminder , she gets it she really gets it.

Just when I thought it was all finished , I brought in this sign from my front porch , the glue was letting go {fridgid weather?} , so I did a little repair with my hot glue gun .

This spot was crying out for something , oh I know , my JUST BEACHY sign , not exclusively Beachy but just beachy , like just peachy , just right , that is what Just Beachy means to me.

We are having a lazy Saturday morning just us girls , re-watching The Proposal, I love this movie , I almost never buy movies , but I bought this one , now I can add it to the Something's Gotta Give DVD I kept of my father's.
For those wondering if I was hiding a TV in behind those shutters , yes I am .

Gonna go try and find a KATE wig today for a Halloween costume , we are going as Jon and Kate , ha!

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