Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A visit from Cobi

You must check out Cobistyle you will love it as much as I do.

Check out www.cobistyle.com for great style , design inspiration and information on Cobistyle products.
From last Friday till yesterday morning it has been a whirl wind of touch ups , cleaning and preparation to get ready for Cobi Ladner to visit and film a tour of my "beachy" house for the Steven and Chris Show , it was a complete thrill to have Cobi to my home , I have followed Cobi since I was probably 20 and living in our first little basement apartment when she was editor of Canadian House and Home magazine, oh the stacks and stacks of old issues of H&H I still have from when Cobi was editor I have missed her touch at H&H, I have learned much from Cobi and admire her personal decor style.

Cobi has some very exciting news , she has launched a line of home decor goods , from furniture to draperies , all beautiful of course and full of colour and feminine flair , a nice and welcome change, check out her website links above for more information .
I had a very nice day , it was great to meet Cobi , she is as sweet and friendly as she has always appeared on her many television appearances I have seen , truly a warm and lovely lady , what a treat for me.
She was so kind and complimentary of my home , how amazing to hear kind words about my work from one of my design heroes, Cobi even gave me a great suggestion for my kitchen counters.

I simplified the bedroom , removed the elliptical and big ugly TV( just for the filming) , I centered the bed and removed the decal over the bed to create more balance, it feels so pretty without the functional stuff.
I have decided I need to get a smallish white LED tv to replace my tube TV I normally have in there, it will look much better , so excited they make white LED's.

I love when my house is simplified and de-cluttered and freshly washed and laundered.
I'm not quite sure when the segment will air but I will let you know as soon as I know .

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What an ordeal I tell ya

First off I will show you how lovely my new bridge faucet turned out , but it was quite and ordeal
to get to this state. I needed a new faucet and why not push that improvement ahead in time for filming at my house on Monday? It was ridiculous I tell you , I had such a hard time getting the water to stop flowing , the shut off was turned off but it went on and on ....and then I couldn't get the old faucet detached , we had to sever one connection , annoying ... of course that is when Sophie flushed the toilet which pushed a huge amount of water throught the open pipes leading me to totally freak out .... I had picked up a lovely brushed nickle faucet with lovely styling and with a sprayer , but when we positioned it it looked dinky and it wouldn't even reach into the sink , since I have a monster huge sink....it is a Kholer three bowl sink which you can now buy at Home Depot for $1500.00 , ours was second hand and $100.00 but I hope to get new counters soon as well as an apron front sink that I think the bridge faucet will be perfect for....but for now I live with what I've got , cause the washing machine is leaking even worse than our old faucet was and that will have to come first.
I spent the better part of Friday working on the computer desk and hutch , I have always meant to paint the inside which was plain MDF so why not now , I also have been meaning to go through all the junk bursting at the seams in the cabinet , I freed up so much space ...feels good to purge , don't worry the doors were put back on and it looks fabulous all fresh ready for the kids to re- blemish , after Monday ...
I have to show you why I needed a new faucet this is a very popular Price Pfister faucet , which I think no one should buy , because it fell apart nearly right away ...the sprayer broke within the first 6 months , the finish wore off, I mean come on I don't have hands made of steel wool now , how do they explain this , the worst part was the leaking , it literally poured water out and down the sides of the faucet stack

Evidence of awful leakage....so I am steering clear of bronzed finishes in faucets for sure....it is a short term finish , I am glad to see it in the trash , good bye ugly .

Friday, March 25, 2011

Going into hiding

I love how pretty the sun looks streaming into the family room in the mornings ...
I managed to get two of the four curtain panels done yesterday , as well as the lampshade slipcover.

Trying to train my new drapes ....
I have to :
sew two new panels of drapes
sand and repaint my desk top
clean all my slipcovers
clean pillow covers
clean windows and floors
touch up cupboards
paint kitchen ceiling maybe
put away anything ugly
clean clean clean
touch up living room wall paint
repaint kitchen door
I better go now ...bye

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I think I can come up for air in April

I have been busy working towards my personal goal to get down to a healthy weight , it is going slow but well...I have also been busy in what time I left trying to pull the house together , adding character to the living room with the paneling , which we all love , and now I have turned to the family room , I needed new drapes for the sliding glass doors {which I am dying to change to french doors or Martha Stewart pretty sliders}but for now I will work with what I've got. I bought simple white Ikea tab top panels to start with , $29.00 for a pair and I picked up two sets for a full look.
But I don't like tabs , so I cut them off and now I am adding a band at the bottom in the floral bird fabric , as you can see I am also making another lamp shade slipcover ....its looking so cute , I have so much work to do to get ready for The Steven & Chris show to come by on Monday to film a house tour of my house , so you can see why I have a lot to do ....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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My brother Brad is in real need for a new car , his 13 year old Toyota is hard for him to get in and out of with his disabilty , and its 13 and showing its age ....as in not working right now , and guess who is giving away a car Toyota , can you please view my brothers video , it would be so wonderful if you would , he shares a bit of his story , please view ...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wall paneling , check that off the list

Well happy Saturday morning all, I wanted to share with you my finished living room wall , I completed it last night after much painting , my wonderful cousin saved the day and cut me a 4" wide strips of MDF so I could complete the wall , I am so grateful to him , he even picked up and delivered , I have great family, thanks Scott.

This makes the room feel larger which is a little bonus , I decided to scrap the shelf above the sofa , its always nice to change things up ...I have been craving a simplified look lately as well.

Here you can see where I just extended the horizontal lines of the existing trim to create the proportions of the paneling , everything looks great on a clean white backdrop , the white as always is Popped Corn by Behr in satin.

I am happy with this new addition , there is one thing not lacking in my house and that's character and MDF ok that's two things.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sneak peek

I finally found just the right lamps for my front room , they are large and lovely , they have a slight crackle glaze and I love love the colour and the linen shade matched the ottoman slipcover perfectly . From Homesense .

What a big wall I have right , I know most say the double height room is OUT well tell that to my room , this is a very small room 13'x 12' and the high ceiling huge window and volume make this little room feel much more grand we love it , it is still intimate, it works for us .

But to this room some change is needed , a partial wall of paneling to add more character ...

I started by painting out the wall first ,I didn't do this in my bedroom when I did the board and baton lesson learned.

Here is a little sneak , the paneling is nearly done I just need to get one more strip cut , Home Depot couldn't cut it down anymore , and we can thank the middle east conflict for jacking up the price of MDF sheets , from $19.00 to $30.00 quite a jump right ...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Model home love

We live in an area that is continually developing, our builder has just opened a new model called the Lakeview , I knew just by the exterior I would love it , but I didn't know it was the perfect home for me it has everything on my wish list . I will take you on a little tour...Here the girls are checking out the computer lounge just upstairs...
The spacious kitchen ...

The most impressive dining room with two chandeliers...

I nearly died when I saw this huge walk in pantry , oh and at the front door there is a walk in closet , now that's thinking , this home has 7 walk in closets ...

A view if the butlers pantry across from the pantry ...

The main floor office ....

I also loved how well this home was decorated ...

This shows just how tall the doorways are and the ceilings , this is a major upgrade ...and a great one , all over sized doors with all the upgrades this house would ring in at well over half a million ...
This house has it all ,9 foot ceilings, main floor laundry , lots and lots of storage , 4 bedrooms two with a jack and jill bathroom , every bedroom has its own bath and walk in closet , huge walk in pantry , butlers pantry ,window seat in the family room , fireplace , his and her walk in closets in the master , a computer nook and main floor office , it is a real dream home ...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Polka dots

I have had a sewing machine sitting on my dining room table for well over a month , it was there with good intentions , See Sophie asked me to make her a dress , a simple dress , all the pieces were cut, then when it came to sewing it into an actual dress my confidence disappeared . Recently I decided to put the sewing machine away but I knew if I put it away I would never get to making the dress , that is when I decided to just do it and to not let my self doubt get the better of me ....
I did it , I really did it , I made my kid a dress , and it actually looks like a dress , I am so glad I just pushed myself to get it done , getting Sophie to let me take photos of her in the dress was actually harder .

I went with buttons to avoid putting in a zipper , I think it adds to it as well .
Do you let your confidence make decisions for you or hold you back ....?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I would like to say thanks for all of the support on the Woman's Day issue and online feature this has been a total thrill ,look for more photos from that shoot in the next issue of Easy Decorating on news stands in April , this has been a real dream come true for me . I have been needing new kitchen drapes for a while now but hadn't found anything that was worth choosing , that is until I ordered these samples from Tonic Living I immediately decided on the modern floral called Vintage Blossom in Dove I am going to use it as a band along the bottom of some simple white Ikea drapes , I love the geometric too which is Bella Porte in Charcoal , it would be perfect for pillows. You can find these at Tonic Living.
OK I dropped the girls off at school the other morning and came home to my dog standing on the chair like this , why!!!!! strange.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Charming Home Makeover


I was so excited to hear from a reader that my home was even more extensively featured on http://www.womansday.com/ titled A Charming Home Makeover , 25 photos including my in depth interview with Ayn-Monique Klahre of Woman's Day Magazine , I wish I had known about it , I really had no idea thank you Elizabeth for letting me know.