Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Workroom /project room /office

I suppose workroom is a more suited name for this evolving room , it is where I work on projects , painting , building , it was where I made that headboard , and there I am painting and finishing that cornice and drapes for another client , so I suppose its not an "office" in the normal sense of the word , but this is my design hub , my office my workroom .

I finally hung the red shelves I bought from a lovely lady from Kijiji , who then became a client for whom I made the custom headboard , I do plan to paint them but I can't do EVERYTHING!
I need a couple more wall wire baskets , aren't they great.

I was able to insulate and clad one more wall over the weekend , I am waiting for "someone" to rough wire some plug into the wall behind my desk , and I would like to hang the tv from the ceiling so I will need to run some cable and need another outlet up there, clever huh.

I decided my office really needed a chalkboard , among other things like a door for my closet , but this chalkboard I could make easily and today ,and for less than $7.00 , right ?
Yes that's right . $6.23
I bought a piece of hardboard , 2x4 ft for $2.97 I bought 4 little screw collars for .19 cents , and one can of flat black paint . A few coats of spray paint , 1/2 the can did it , screwed it to the wall and that is all it took to create a great chalkboard , I will frame it out better later.

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