Monday, October 26, 2009

Show and Tell

You can find them from high {over $3000} to low {$99.00} , but you may be hard pressed to find the lower priced version , and might come across the awful words {no longer available}
I have been wanting to update my bedroom lighting especially since my recent reno breathed new life into this room.

I have had my eye on this fixture for a little while, I decided to treat myself with it after missing out on some recent finds. It was after all marked down , I picked it up at Home Depot.

When I was walking out I realized I had been over charged , happy to turn around and ask for the adjustment and looking at the pricing with a worker , yes I was correct I was over charged , so not only did they adjust the price the knocked another $10.00 off , so it turned out to be my lucky day after all.

56 little tiny bags encased the capiz shells , one strand by one strand I had to put this fixture together , this may explain the value pricing , still wearing my fake nails from the weekend this was not a fun task , but it was worth it .

Isn't it perfect , I love it so much , it doesn't even have bulbs in it yet , I am so delighted.

There is nothing like bargain lighting to perk up your mood.

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