Friday, November 30, 2007

The jokes on me ...

I did add some glitz to my garland , just a little , there may be more to come as I find it .
We got quite a bit of snow this morning , after being woken up by a mysterious fire alarm, still can not figure out why it was going off , but we had an early start because of it.
The girls enjoyed playing in the freshly fallen snow, they made this snow feature using flower buckets .

This blog is costing me money ...I am trying to out do myself , its different when you know people from all over now get a peek in my previously private home.
This is my nod to country , my kitchen rooster has made a move and I got him a little bit of glitz with some tiny jingle bells. A kind friend got me this sleigh personalized with our names, how sweet.

These are my hand made ornaments, I made them about three of four years ago , when I had a little booth at a craft shop, it didn't make me any money but it was fun to show my goodies, I will show you the rest when I find them, they are simple felt that I hand beaded , I made the heart with wings ornaments for most of my nieces and nephews one year with their initials on them.
These are my favorite , I found them at Michael's they were a pack of 3 for $1.50 , I bought all of them as you will see they are on my banister and on my outdoor wreath , they are a very thick felt, perfect colors.
This satin ribbon was perfect from the Martha Stewart line, I will probably add some glitz and a bit of color when I finally go through my Christmas boxes, there will be no more new additions this year, cross my fingers.
More jingle bells for our new horse head.
Each of my girls have their own 4ft tree in their rooms this year, no lights just ornaments , garlands and Webkinz of course. They are really getting in the spirit of Christmas.. I don't think this year would be a good year to put our tree on the main floor , it most likely would not survive, an especially frisky puppy, and two two year olds, so it will also like the other two trees grace a bedroom , that's mine, we did that once when our little one was a baby , it made for easier days, we even had Christmas morning in our bedroom , in bed it was very nice. Think outside the box.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Cheer is spreading.

I love opening the Christmas ornament boxes its like getting an early present , I always forget what new purchases I made last year.
I love this winter white feel, I don't remember having these glittered Christmas trees at all sure glad I bought them though.
I am going for a less traditional look for the holidays , less is more.
Still lots to be done..I will keep on with the updates.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I caved , Christmas season has begun.

I removed the candle from this jar and placed this wonderful ornament in its place. My beachy theme goes no where during the holidays it works together beautifully, there will be some glittering of starfish very soon. I even have a ornament with shells on it from 18 years ago that my mother gave to me.

I added bands of ribbon to the neutral lamp shades in the dining room with a hidden straight pin, just to add some jazz, I have a hard time with subtle when it comes to Christmas. I added the extra red love to the accent wall, leaning it on the moulding as well I secured it with a tad of duct tape to prevent it from falling. I picked up a few new ornaments last night , I fell in love with these giant peppermint candies, I do love candy and chocolate inspired things, you will see shortly when I dig them out of storage.

I stole Stephanie's idea to paint the inside of the cupboard , she has magnetic chalk paint, mine is just chalk but still a great idea, for more important info.Like when the next pizza lunch is..

I am enjoying my new chalk board and am using it , to help remember those little things like dryer sheets, and the q-tips I keep forgetting, not need to look for paper and pens, as well it really hides the side of the fridge.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ocean's of blue

Christmas is looming and I am no where near in the mood to decorate for the season, I am still in messy reno mode, the never ending bathroom project is still trickling away .
But I did find a nice place for this former bathroom cast off , this bucket thing, it was pink , then blue now a perfect pop of black , great spot right by the front door .
Even the little kiddies have pitched in , they are so eager to get messy in their own bathroom, I am sure they will have the nicest on the block , people around here don't tend to do anything other than paint, I can't blame them , hey this bathroom is certainly better than mine.
Helpful wee ones.
I have tried out a blue accent in the recess.

The hole in the wall.

I used simple pine shelving pieces, butt jointed with screws .
I added beadboard to the back to create this simple box to screw into the studs.
Trimmed it up with mouldings,I will still paint it, add hooks and a shelf and it will be a small recessed locker for the kids towels, no door.

The hole is finally gone.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One project down.

This is a cast iron horse I found the other day , I thought that spot needed a stronger piece, it was rusty brown finished , so I also painted it in chalkboard paint. I am still working on that area, we really need a new fridge.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chalk board comes to life.

What on earth is this , you are wondering....?
Well it is an old headboard I made many years ago , out of an antique door that I added mouldings to. I have always wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen, in this kitchen there is no wall space so I have been thinking about trying this door, I attached it to the door frame and added a small wheel to the back side so that it can swing and hide my sweepers.It also hides the side of the fridge.

However it needed a makeover , I removed the former moulding, and added these beaded mouldings around the outside edge, and created a small panel and division so that the chalkboard section would not be the full length.
Its kind of larger than life I know , but I hope I like the end result. I am going to paint it all white and possibly do a rub, so that it stand out from the kitchen cabinets.
I had half the day off today , it wouldn't be like me to just sit around would it?

I will post more photos as I get them done. I am still working on the kids bath , but that will be this weekend perhaps that I can tackle it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007, this is a wonderful source for inspiration, oh these shots are shear perfection. LOVE , LOVE, LOVE.
Of course they share and appeal to my beachy coastal style.
Pure clean details, white and bright .

My dream home , hey maybe my cottage, he he ... just when is blue not the right color??

This wall color is the look I am going for in my living room, I will definitely be repainting in the spring.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I wanted to do a shameless plug for my brothers new website and webisodes that he has launched, he is a talented and passionate Pro Fisherman , I wish him much success , and I am glad he too has found his passion.
Great job Carey.
Lovely pottery barn console "$1100.00
Lovely console from Restoration hardware $1200.00
Perfect console with beadboard , marble top as well as petite size for powder room $349.00
now which one will I choose, I love this one I saw it yesterday at Canadian Tire , it is so nice and solid, as well as a swell price.