Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas 2016 Station Gallery Holiday House tour

Welcome to Christmas 2016 at Park Ridge.... in early November I set out to give our house a fitting farewell Christmas...days after the tour all of the Christmas prettiness was packed away and some of it sold for our move to our new home.
New home

 We had the most beautiful greenery I have ever seen thanks to VanBelle Whitby...I mean look at this urn...I added a bucket from Ikea filled it with wood and added old skates and string lights.
 I bought this adorable flag garland from Micheals and I made the Christmas tree from scraps of rough wood.
The closet was the most fun to dress...that great Santa Sack from The Little Details was a huge hit as was the closet itself

 Second would be the dessert bar from Sweet To The End

 I picked up this farmhouse style sign at Walmart...they have really stepped up their decor game

 I picked up this gum ball machine second hand and painted it chic and easy

 Mason worked her magic for our chalkboard, she is so talented

 I used dollar store signs to write out the word Christmas...I wanted a simple clean look...nothing too fussy or traditional

 My favourite tree is the my gold tree from Urban Barn...I don't think I could even fit one more ornament on it...I can't wait to set it up at our new house.
This tree skirt from The Little Details makes this tree and I will treasure it always

I shopped the non Christmas parts of Micheals and found the burlap tags and made a garland by tying them to some twine and stampled them with the days of December and wrote Christmas words on black tags that I accented with rose gold paint

 The outdoor arrangements were such a nice touch.

 I set up a little wrapping station for fun in the laundry room
 Every barn door deserves a wreath

 This was our tree in the master bedroom...a 10 year collection of beautiful ornaments
 I made another tag garland simple inexpensive and farmhouse style

A few festive touches for Sophie's room


 The pillow cases are from Walmart
 I created a candyland themed three for Mason's room.

 The line ups were fun to see...our neighbours must be so happy we are, we had roughly 1000 people through and it was so very nice to meet and talk to everyone and especially my blog readers....
 How can I forget the dining room....
What an arrangement....
Well there it is a fitting farewell Christmas for our beloved Park Ridge house...its been a crazy time moving after this...we will be gone from here next week...I can not wait to get settled into our new house...I am itching to get this move over with...although its been a really stressful time and things have been going to wrong left and right but I think my luck is going to turn around has to. 

I wanted to also share for my longtime followers that we lost our sweet Dolce a week before this tour...decorating was a great distraction...we decided that Dolce didn't need to suffer another harsh winter and a move as he was deaf and blind and just not in a good condition and was having a very hard time finding his way around and was constantly crying we are guessing from aches and was devastating to say good painful but it was the right decision and I feel ok that he is at peace and we loved him to bits as he passed...he had 13 good years and everyone kept telling us they don't normally see Boston Terriers at that that was comforting.