Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving forward with the to do list

I got to work today and I even brought out the paint ...I started painting the gables and even installed some beadboard in the open shelving. Tomorrow I may even get to installing some of the brackets, exciting. I love it when a plan starts to come together.

Now what is this little puzzle? well it is my new wine storage unit. 
Inspired by true Sarah and Tommy designed wine storage.

 See I had a little issue with the bulk head above the cabinets , some call it a soffit , we call it a bulkhead around here, it ran 5 inches wider than the upper cabinets and I did not like it . I thought I would move the uppers and lowers to fix this issue , but I came up with another solution. Wine storage. 
I needed to make sure wine bottles would fit , so you may have seen me walking to and from the garage today with wine bottles in hand. Only for measurements I assure you .

 It was simple enough to make. I have 42" uppers so the sides are 12" by 42" , and the shelves are 3.5" by 12" .
All the cut pieces needed to be primed and finish painted prior to constructing the unit. A little sanding and painting and it was complete. Yippy!!!! I attached it using vise grip clamps to help me hold it to the adjoining cabinet and then I simply screwed it in from inside the cabinet with particle screws.

 You can see the issue with the bulkhead , I will make it all look seamless , it will all look like a nice area above with crown moulding , which I have never done. It's hard to describe. But I am going to learn.
 Here is the most dreadful job going. Staining the stairs is a terrible and messy job. All the sanding the taping ( which is a waste for me cuz I'm messy) and the messy sticky oil stain ,dreadful . But it will look beautiful . Actually  the railing is done, top coated and all and beautiful.
 I've spent the last two nights after everyone is in bed top coating the kitchen floors. They are looking so fabulous, lots of character , a deep rich color and the satin finish is polished but subtle. The dogs are slip sliding on it as well as Sophie , she is trying to sock surf on the floors.
I will have to do a third coat , but I need a night of from that job.

Well I think you can see things are coming along nicely. Oh except that darn sink, it leaking , the drain nut is not creating a tight seal at all . Time to call a plumber.

Time to put my feet up and relax. Good night.

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