Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick and easy Halloween trick

Live head on table , oh my !

See how easy it is , I had a left over piece of beadboard , I cut a hole a little smaller than the large glass vase , pulled the table apart like you would if installing a leaf and taped on the board with the hole.
Then I covered it with a dark sheet , cut a hole voila there is the camouflage for the creepy table head.

SO what do you think , cool or what , I saw this idea on Regis and Kelly .

Friday, October 30, 2009

We are getting ready for Halloween

I got this big vampire bat , which the girls just loved , they are really into the scary decorating.

I found these great stickers on clearance , we can use them year after year.

How cute is this marshmallow Frankenstein, I couldn't believe how much detail went into this candy , all those details are royal icing , the hair the stitches , adorable.

I realized when tidying this room that my daughter needed some more storage , my girls love their hoodies.

I used a left over piece of wood from my porch makeover simply painted it and sanded it , I picked up some crystal knobs from Home Depot , I thought they would make nice hooks and they were less expensive than any of the hooks I like. I then painted Mason's name onto the board creating a simple row of hooks.

To attach the hooks to the wall I counter sunk holes in between the knobs and covered them with little birch discs to hide the screws and painted them to match. {to the left of the left knob}

I decided that Mason's cupboard could use some hooks for display , she can then hang out her outfits for a few days or just put together different looks.

The perfect spot to hang her costume for tomorrow , she is going to be a zombie prom queen . Fun!

Colorful Dining Room

I wanted to share with you this wonderful colorful dining room makeover at Little Green Book by Jenny, I hope it inspires you to go for color , look what it can do to a space. Click here for the full story.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I bring you cupakes

These are my cupcakes , simple orange and black , vanilla vanilla , as my family always prefers
Ok so they pale in comparison to these more creative cupcake creature's , oh well call me lazy or call me busy , I just made made 65 cupcakes ok , I can only do so much I've got lots of other things to do , maybe you have more time to be creative , so I bring you inspiration.

{Karen Tack}

I have been wanting this Cupcake Carrier , it is amazing how you can stack them , and the holes for the cupcakes are holes like in a cupcake pan making traveling with the cupcakes much easier ...

I was able to find it , after all the website was sold out ,lucky me .

I added orange food coloring to french vanilla cake mix.

Do you see who I see .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Small Kids Big Color Contest

I am pleased to announce that Sophie's Pink and Aqua room has been selected as an entry in the Small Kids Big Color Contest over at Ohdeedoh's website. It is being given 48 hours to get all of your thumbs up or it will lose this elimination process , so please go on over and vote vote vote , make sure to sign up , it's sister site is the great website Apartment Therapy , they always have great information and it is always a great stop .
Click here to vote for Sophie's room in the Ohdeedoh Small Kids Big Color Contest
Big thanks to Ohdeedoh for choosing our room .

Wednesday's are my busy days

This is a great tv stand , I wonder if it comes in the grey like the below piece.
I went over to Ikea today , I needed to pick up some more pillow forms , the feather ones , they are $6.99 each , no better price , so it's worth the drive. I found a few new pieces , this grey dresser is amazing , well under $200.00 , it even has a hidden interior drawer to keep change and jewelry, too cool .

Today is picture day , which means kids get up bright and early , oh my kids are good they do that everyday , well most days , they make their own lunches , I should be insulted , I guess I never gave them the snacks they wanted , boo hoo me huh!

This little one of mine is growing up in fast speed lately , look at this adorable dress , I found it at a thrift store , it is a size 1 , wow this is what a size 1 looks like . She was going into the city to the Orchestra earlier today , they were told to dress appropriately , I am so glad she doesn't mind getting dressed up .

I was also able to finish up the pink princess room I have been working on .

The pillows I made now have an awfully comfy home .

The perfect spot for princess gowns and crowns of course .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The smell of freshly baked cookies

I realized I had not baked a thing in months , it was time to make the family some fresh cookies , what could be better than chocolate chip .

I made a double batch .
This H1N1 flue is really giving me cause for concern , apparently the next street over has at least 6 kid down with this virus , it hard not to panic , I know some who have had it , and have done fine , but it is hard not to worry when they are reporting deaths left and right , it is terrible and heartbreaking to hear of kids dying especially .
So I hope you are well and keep well .

When you can't find , create

I am so in love with this rose bud fabric , so sweet and yet clean and fresh, I worked late yesterday in my workroom , making pillow covers and painting a little shelf that will be used for princess dresses and crowns , doesn't every girl need somewhere to keep her gowns and crowns organized?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Show and Tell

You can find them from high {over $3000} to low {$99.00} , but you may be hard pressed to find the lower priced version , and might come across the awful words {no longer available}
I have been wanting to update my bedroom lighting especially since my recent reno breathed new life into this room.

I have had my eye on this fixture for a little while, I decided to treat myself with it after missing out on some recent finds. It was after all marked down , I picked it up at Home Depot.

When I was walking out I realized I had been over charged , happy to turn around and ask for the adjustment and looking at the pricing with a worker , yes I was correct I was over charged , so not only did they adjust the price the knocked another $10.00 off , so it turned out to be my lucky day after all.

56 little tiny bags encased the capiz shells , one strand by one strand I had to put this fixture together , this may explain the value pricing , still wearing my fake nails from the weekend this was not a fun task , but it was worth it .

Isn't it perfect , I love it so much , it doesn't even have bulbs in it yet , I am so delighted.

There is nothing like bargain lighting to perk up your mood.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jon and Kate

Here we are dressing up as "Jon and Kate" for a Halloween party we attended last night with some good friends , we had a great time , I carried an empty wallet with pics of the Gosselin kids and Todd had his pockets full of monopoly money .

I created a balding spot by applying lots of foundation into the crown at the scalp , it worked really well I then needed to darken the hair back to black with lots of mascara , voila a JON SPOT.

I gave Todd longer side burns with eye liner and had to bling him out with big "diamond" earrings.

Here I am all Kateish , I even applied fake French tip nails , I love them , it has been so long since I have had long nails , they instantly make you feel feminine, a pain for typing though ...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick and easy trim upgrade

As you can see I was inspired to just get to work yesterday and upgrade the trim in our powder room , it seemed to be a good way to spend my afternoon .

I actually doubled the depth of the trim without ripping anything out at all . I just simply added to what I already had.
Around the casing I could not add a back band because the trim was too shallow , so I added a simple piece of square edge stock pine finger jointed moulding which beefed up the casing , I would have loved to had all new but there was no room on the right side of the jam for anything more substantial so the added trim was my solution.

I added a perimeter of trim two inches below the existing crown and painted it all with a few coats of fresh white.

I added bead board to only the one wall where the ledge protrudes , I still plan on adding a sill.

I sanded the bead board to smooth out its rough texture , but ended up liking the look so much I left it that way.

I installed the beadboard about three inches above the baseboard and covered the raw bottom edges with this chair rail moulding , it fakes the look of a deeper baseboard.
This was a cheap and easy update for our powder room , a great choice rather than ripping out all the existing trim , instead I worked with it , warning , working in such a small space is annoying but worth it .