Thursday, April 27, 2017

Faux barn board faux platform bed...White wood cronicles...#1 entry design plans

 I have been very slowly making progress with some aspects of our home....I have completed a barnwood style rustic bed frame for Mason....the ceiling height in the basement is pretty low so we have had this bed sitting right on the floor so I came up with a simple faux platform bed frame design to create a headboard from rough lumber that I stained with many shades of minwax stain...classic grey, special walnut, ebony and weathered be exact
I simply wrapped the box spring with more planks and used brackets to attach all the pieces... it looks like a platform bed but it is a faux platform be is the perfect industrial rustic boho look we were going for..

 this is one of those simple two day projects... a bunch of 1x12" rough boards cut to length, sanded, stained and clear coated with a flat top coat...

I have a list as long as my arm to do of changes to make to turn this house into a home...well to make this old church into a home, one thing I want to convey from the design is that this is undoubtedly a home, there has been enough confusion....would you believe that we have had many people walk straight in the front doors...not even a knock.....even though I have installed a plaque saying private residence.... and now I have installed a bizarre
We did not have any wiring for a doorbell so I ordered a replica old fashioned door bell...but you get what you pay for because it lasted about 2 after I'd say 6-7 people walking right in I thought enough is enough...I'm getting a doorbell and I found this one from's so neat, you choose the bell tone and the speaker can be installed or brought anywhere up to 150 feet away, so it can be brought where you are, basement, the garage the back deck, no more missing someone or a package at the door, especially great if I am working in the shop and waiting on a delivery...and it lights up...only $60 (not sponsored)

I have been working on the curb appeal, having a church/house has it's challenges...people not realizing it is a home being a big one...I am going for a modern farmhouse vibe for our new home...we love the beautiful white clapboard siding and simple lines...I fell in love with these big contemporary numbers from decide the font, color and size.
I think they are so much nicer than what was there and they are bold and clean....our new front door will be installed tomorrow which I am so excited is one 36" door, no more squeezing in a 24" door, no more leaks...I'm hoping, it has a 3/4 window and seeded glass and is black...I am so excited to see how it looks on the house...the current doors will be used indoors...because they are interior pine doors...I will paint them and put them on the closet in the entry because I hate the sliding mirrored doors....that would never be my choice....
I will be planting limelight hydrangeas and boxwoods in the front beds as soon as we figure out where the water that is leaking in is coming from, I am hopeful it is just the doors that aren't functioning.
We have installed all the farmhouse lights with the exception of the one above the front door...we have to figure how to get up there safely.... I have the paint to paint the garage door it will be collanade grey a sherwin williams color....a soft grey...

Our home is heritage so we want to respect this and work with the committee to have alterations approved...we were just approved to paint the wainscotting a creamy white...which will be a big job but one change that will be like a breath of fresh air....and it will help us to upgrade the baseboard and the moulding under the chair rail that is currently missing and this will allow us to add more of this v-groove. 
you can see here just how bad some of the wainscotting condition is....and that baseboard well that isn't what this place deserves...oh and I finally have a house that really really warrants using this brick

This entry is a sad mess....
here are the current problems
-cords running across the floor
-leaking, narrow front doors
-tiled area is too small
-mirrored sliding doors

I painted the pew that came with the house a white chalkpaint...and it is a useful appropriate piece for the entry...but that big rug covers all the tile in the entry I can probably switch out that big rug stops in a weird place in my opinion....this would have made a great one room challenge space....the smaller rug covered the electrical cord to power our not practical and it is a temporary solution, we are waiting for a new internet satelite and that will be relocated to the back of the house where it should have been all along but it was installed in a snow storm on moving happened.
Once the new door goes in then I will start demolishing the tile...
here is my entry to do list
-new door
-remove mirrored doors
-create mini mudroom with hooks and shoe shelving
-paint wood doors and install on closet
-remove tile and expand tile bed
-install thin brick in herringbone
-build a custom entry table

look at this fresh white canvas...I can't wait to paint...

until next time....

just to be clear in case it's not obvious, there are not sponsors for any of these products I have mentioned...