Sunday, October 23, 2016

Look what we have done....we bought a church

 I want to show you our new is a 1877 United gothic revival church, a simple frame was in rough shape about a year ago...the siding was rotting, it had no insulation, 60 amp electrical and an outhouse...yep an outhouse.
It was purchased to flip and to be turned into a three bedroom two bathroom house....the best part is we didn't have to do any of the hard work.
After looking for weeks for a smaller house the pickings were bleak...I mean there were lots of major fixer uppers but I do not have time for another big project....I wanted something that was almost there, I will always put my touch on a house but small projects...built ins, furniture, trim that kind of thing.
I happened upon this open house on the realtor site and I knew I had to take a look...I brought my family out to take a look, our youngest was very opposed...but it didn't hurt to go look.
When I stepped inside the garage I got very was a brand new garage just what I need and it was detached which is very important to me.

 I fell in love with the crisp white brand new siding and trim and of course those windows

New siding, spray foam, geo thermal, new electrical, septic and well.... its so much like a new house in a lot of ways

 This is the back of the garage...a window with a view to the farm behind....
                                                                 what a beautiful view

 The counter on the island is made from pew wood as well as the stairs to the basement

 this is the master, there is a loft above...we will need stairs pronto
new modern bathrooms
 basement is ready for my personal touches...

the girls bathroom

we are really excited to get moved just before Christmas ....

follow along for updates...this should be fun...of course more often I will post on Instagram
bye for now, I have a holiday house to tour to get ready for and I gotta pack

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Well we are listed so if you know anyone looking for a beautiful warm inviting home please let them know...I don't think it will last very long...we have had a lot of love shown for our house and lots of interest...big open house planned for SUNDAY October 16th 2-4...
here is the listing...check it out

Sunday, October 9, 2016

well here we go again...

 We have come a long long way in the little over 4.5 years since we moved in...from a gravel pit of a yard and a house full of subfloor flooring and nice high ceilings and doors with bad brass door knobs but not much else...there was great space, a great floor plan and lots light from the 27 windows...but it was a shell but a shell with so much potential.
I have happily taken most of the time here thoughtfully planning and designing and creating this warm inviting character filled home we have today...I would say for three years it was my full time daily job to complete this is certainly a hit in our neighbourhood...we have recieved endless positive encouragement and compliments...that feels good...I am glad people like or love our house, it certainly seems to churn up feelings for people...I feel very lucky and grateful we have been able to call this house home....
 But after putting much of my heart and soul and money into this home it is time for us to move something smaller and to another project and another experience
 I feel torn when people ask us why we would sell this house, they seem heart will be very hard to leave our home but we are all ready for this change...I have a nice tour for you to see most of the work that has been done, I will add some before photos at the bottom of the post for fun.

How things look when we moved in.....yikes....

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