Friday, October 23, 2009

Shopping the house , a bedroom tour

The dogs just love it in there because of the carpet , they roll around and play and scratch themselves , only the bedrooms have carpet , and it is clear they love it , me not so much.

Every morning I open both doors wide to let the light out and to open up the room , I never cared that this room had double doors but it has turned out to be a very nice bonus.
{the carpet is not so pinky , it is oatmeal in real life} but it really needs to go , if I could easily empty this room I may have added wood floors by now , perhaps that is a good project for next year.

I added a quilt to the bottom of the bed , I brought the family room pillows up to the bedroom , the curtain hem fabric is the same so it was an easy choice, that was change #1 and #2

I moved the chest out of the room and moved this chair and vintage table into this space , the lamp shade was also from the family room and the lamp base from the front hall, changes #3,#4,#5

I am keepin it real , this is a view of the bedroom I always leave out , it is my workout area , this is the only spot for it right now , hopefully we will carve out a space in the basement in the near future , but it works for me here , the paneling has improved the look of this area.

My new lovely piece , it is so whimsical , you can click on the pic and find many woodland characters.

I would like to get a new light , anyone want to buy this one from me??? takers???
Again keeping it real , here is the tv area , could not live without a tv in the bedroom , maybe we can get a flat screen someday , not that important to me however, notice dogs enjoying carpet .

So I made a few changes and freshened up the look of the bedroom by simply moving a couple of things and shopping the house , for the bargain price of $0

Sneak Peak
Plans for after school work fell through due to what may just well be the swine flu {not me or mine}, so I immersed myself in a powder room mini reno ...

Upgrading the crown moulding with my fave detail moulding , super cheap...

Upgrading the baseboard...
Going for beadboard... my head is spinning from the fumes of the BIN zinsser primer , and the fact that my daughter and her friends have BOYS over , 6th grade girls and boys , oh my this is happening much faster than I thought it would , I remember Mason laying on the floor in her diaper and us video taping her weekly .

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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