Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My DIY coffered ceiling

I thought I should give a little run down in one place as to how I completed my coffered ceiling project just in case you want to try this project.

 Here is how it looked on day one, just fine a smooth ceiling but we wanted a beautiful ceiling.
 We then decided on our placement and found the ceiling joists and screwed the 2x4's to the studs, then added blocking to the studs , 2 blocks 5 at each connection and randomly along the lengths to attach the MDF boards. I had Home Depot rip down 3 sheets of 5/8" MDF into 5.5" strips.
I then used a 2x4 to set my table saw to cut the strips of MDF for the bottom pieces approx 3.5" wide.

 You can see how I attached the MDF to the studs, I used my nail gun for this part.
 We installed a plastic zippered door to keep the mess better contained.
 There was such a mess caused by all the priming and sanding and priming and more sanding.

 Then I added crown moulding and caulked all the seams and filled all the nail holes and then did between 2-3 coats of satin latex paint in Behr's Vermont Cream.

I used this new gadget from Lowe's to help me with the crown moulding, it just keep the crown moulding at the proper angle when you cut it upside down. 

I also used this scaffolding and it was the most important piece of equipment to completing this project. It will also be a great item to have for other projects like crown moulding and painting, I didn't even know it existed until just before we started the project , I am so grateful my Mom's husband pointed it out to me.

So if you have ever longed for a coffered ceiling like I have for years then maybe it is something you can do also. It is not a difficult project but it does take time and patience and have a helper for the initial stud placement is necessary but the rest I was able to manage on my own, I may have had to hold my nail gun in between my knees while I positioned the 8ft pieces of MDF but a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.

If you try this project please let me know I would love to see.

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