Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah Richardson Pillows

I have always noticed Sarah Richardson's love or pretty pillows , way back to her Room Service days , those days she made the pillows herself, she loved the seamstress details and even used buttons .
I have always longed for the design of the pillows here , she takes a stripe fabric and cuts it into triangles and constructs a clean design, and I have always wanted to try it , but it seemed as though it may be fussy or complicated , as I often am , I was wrong.

After a couple of hours of cutting , sewing , ironing and more and more sewing , I have myself two lovely pillows, mine have a flange , I like a flange.
I have tried my best to include the steps it took to create these pillow covers .

This was a most gratifying step , seeing it all come together.

I then sewed two triangles together ,repeating that again and then sewed those right sides together to get the above front of pillow , I think you know what is next , finish the pillow .

I left a half inch seam allowance.

I cut out a perfect square in this brown tissue paper then folded it into a triangle and cut on the lines to create a pattern with 4 pieces, I pinned them to two layers of this striped fabric , allowing me two pillow fronts.
So are you inspired to make some pillow covers ?, or have you ever made a pillow ?, or do you always buy pillows ?, you have pillows right?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Making a memo board

Before I have decided lightening up is still in order , I love change , keeping things the same for me is boring . This memo board is located at the family computer desk , well the only computer desk , we use this all the time , it is crucial . But I have all this light and airy blue fabric just waiting to be used , I have been toying with some ideas , pillows , yeah really just pillows or this memo board so I went for the board, I will do the pillows later.

I like it very much , the ribbons are much tighter , better for holding things in place , and of course more tacs , which I had in my tool/junk drawer .
In the case you do not know how to make a memo board , they are so easy , I have been making them for at least 10 years .
What you need :
~a piece of thing plywood or masonite {cut to the desired board size}
~staple gun and short staples

After ironing the fabric I staped it to the board , then placed the ribbons and secured them with pins , then stapled the ribbons to the back of the board by holding tightly while I secured them .

Pining , take time to balance the placement of the ribbons.

Staple and tightly and neatly tuck the corners.

That is about it .
One hint if you have never done a project like this , start stapling the fabric with one staple in the center of each side of the project and working your way out from those starter staples .

Earring frame

This little mirror was collecting dust in the basement , I took a little bit of screen and made a earring holder by hot glueing it onto the back.

Fabulous Friday Finds

I have a new little purchase , this very pretty table is just waiting for a paint makeover I have a new project for the weekend. Check out the dining set makeover I have found for you , doesn't it make you look differently at old sets like this , if the shape is good and the finish is dated = paint it !
I wanted to share with you some very special projects , perhaps they will inspire you . I saw this table set before its transformation a few days ago at and knew that it was the perfect candidate for a fresh white makeover , wow is it ever , beautiful transformation , don't you agree .

While checking my most favorite blogs this morning I found some real gems , like this burlap wall , looks more like canvas or painters cloth , whatever it is it is gorgeous , to learn more about it make sure to check out .

What a great idea , and so well done.
Happy weekend , I hope you have some sunshine your way , we have had enough rain , please send some our way soon .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was changing the sheets in the girls room when I realized I could make a duvet cover out of the flat sheets I do not ever use , it turned out so cute , I just sewed the wrong sides together on three sides and then sewed on ribbon to close the third side .
Mason was using a queen sized comforter and it was just too big for the top single bunk , so I went out and got a super cheap marked down comforter from Wal-Mart , I knew they would have a great deal , and that it would be cheaper than buying a "real" duvet , lucky I was right. The top bunk now has proper bedding and it all looks good together.
Nothing matches but it all looks good together .

Pairing back the layers in time for summer

The window fabric was feeling a little too earthy for me , a little drab, so in preparation for the summer weather that I am sure is upon us I decided to peel back and refresh the feeling of the room by removing the fabric overlay to expose the linen look light and airy romans , immediately the room lightened up .

I love this view of the little playhouse , it is like backyard jewelry.

Those blue chairs in the backyard have been calling me these days , lots of outdoor work to be done.
One more month of school than it is summer fun time , a new above ground affordable pool is in our future , I am imagining me skimming the pool daily , wow what was I thinking ? , oh yeah the kids.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Beachy

I really think I should have a second home, a cottage on a beach of course, this is exactly how it would look , fresh and happy and light hearted , full of charm and whimsy too.
I am a huge fan of chalkboards , not just for kitchens as they can be a wonderful addition to many rooms, a place to express yourself and to leave messages like Happy Birthday or I Love You or how about just being an outlet for your budding artist.
The painted floors well how could you not love those?
This kitchen screams holiday to me , I am crazy in love with those pendants and blue appliances , no need to shy away from real color.

How could you not be happy waking up to this bathroom , the shower tile is such a wonderful choice. Notice the line up of sea shells balancing on top of the shower stall , charming .
This is a perfect bedroom , bead board every where , painted blue floors , and even a salvaged door for a headboard , this is my kind perfection.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sugar Sugar Oh Honey Honey

I am baking and baking again , for Oprah's Ambassador's , our school is having an Asian Market , it is quite an event , the kids come up with craft's and treats to donate they turn the gym into a gorgeous Asian style market ,and the kids create and sell , the proceeds go to a village in China , we have so far built a school , a SCHOOL , incredible , what will they do next .

Have a happy day !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So what do you think ? I finally found a spot for my new chalkboard , I was going to sell it , but now it is staying, the blue brightens up the room .
I have been "decorranging" , that is right "decorranging" , I heard this term recently and it so discribes what I do on a regular basis , decorating by re-arranging.

Before the decorranging.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to beach a table

How to beach an unbeachy table , first look for a table with something going on , details become better when painted , then clean with TSP , prime, paint , sand away to allow dark finish to peak through , buff to soften the feel , and enjoy .
This colour is Pratt and Lambert "BAY" a soft pale yet bright green.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Poop composter

I finally got my poop composter , now this little composter will NOT make usable soil but dispose and minimize the poop that my pooches create.
I took the plastic poop garbage can I had , drilled holes all around .

After the holes were in my husband sawed off the bottom of the can { so that when it is time to cover over the hole full of poop compost the can can be removed and hopefully re-used again}

The hole was dug to create a cavity just deep enough to leave the can and lid about flush with the earth.
I started to use it right away , all you need is septic tank enzymes and that should do it , the enzymes should consume part of the poop and lessen the quantity over time , you can also add some grass clippings.
The reason I decided to try this method was becasue of the plastic bags , I have been so proud of our community seeing customers entering the stores re-usable canvas bags in hand for , especially now that they charge 5 cents per bag to deter people from using them and to lower the waste caused by plastic bags .
The only reason I used plastic bags was to pick up the poop, this needed to stop , I found this new option which solves my problem , I am no longer contributing to the plastic bag problem , this makes me happy .
I figure that I have now eliminated the used of 1600 plastic bags a year , and if I were to have to pay for those bags to pick up the dootie that would have cost me $80.00 a year , this new method cost me $8.00 for the enzymes , it is a win win .

How to make an ottoman

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ottoman Envy /Inspiration

I saw this beautiful ottoman on 3 Peanuts a while back , it is the perfect piece I think , it made me long for an ottoman for my living room , I have always wanted one and this only made me want one more.
I finally found one for my space , it is not the same but it is perfect for my room as it is a large square , it has a wood base and is in a cream fabric with matching buttons and nail head trim .

It was a long wait but I am thrilled with it , now where do you think I picked it up from ??? any guesses