Sunday, August 31, 2008

Only a little more to go

I was able to make quite a bit more progress today, I ran out of primer so I was put on hold again , tomorrow being a holiday I will not be able to get much finished , probably a good idea but I would love to see it all completed. More than half way done , I am so happy to be able to say that , lets face it these kinds of things are messy , I NEED a shop vac , my deck is covered in saw dust and my hands are covered in primer and adhesive, I am such a girly girl . Sophie says it looks like a beach house , ah that kid just knows what to say.

A little freshening is required at times.

On Friday afternoon I took the girls to Ikea , with many complaints from both , but I know they love it there , its fun they try everything out, we eat meatballs , Mason this time talked about the things she would have for her first apartment , she's 10...what is she thinking about this for , yikes, anyway , we had fun , and the main reason for going was to get a new slipcover for our old Ikea Ektorp arm chair, this is its third cover , first white textured , then this beige corduroy, which was worn so badly the cords were gone, so that one lasted 5 years , not bad, the new one is white denim , $39.00 how can they do that , I should buy a few shouldn't I , the other fabrics are much more up to $150.00 for the same chair. I would love to be one of the people choosing the fabrics there aren't enough appealing ones for my liking , who chooses this stuff.
While I was there I picked up these stainless steel bar handles , anywhere else they would be $15 a pieces at Ikea they were two for $12 , they are hollow but that is the look for less , and they are great , they tie into the stainless appliances , as well the original location of the handles was the lowest hole and I never bent down to reach , these function much better, after a fresh coat of paint the old island I built is looking like new and refreshed.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

So far so good.

I have made good progress and am now out of wood , which is good because if I had more I wouldn't stop but I need a break , I will continue on in the next week. I got up almost 13 rows yippy , all while catching up on my HGTV programs , well listening to them, I think this will be my favorite detail in the house, I have always love beadboard ceilings.
So what have I learned , it is going to look great , the only hard part was cutting down one board on the left side of the room because the room is not square , and cutting the hole out for the pot light , but that is all done now and it should be smooth sailing from here .

After getting up late and starting slow I began the prep work for the ceiling , it does require many steps although easy , I assure you . After scrapping the pop corn texture off many months ago and waiting to get started I today needed to thoroughly vacuum the ceiling to clean off any of the remaining dust so that the adhesive could stick to the ceiling. After applying two coats of shellac based primer to the boards I started to install them , and finding my nail gun in need of charging it has in turn been slow , I am hoping to get a quarter completed today and go on to get 3-6 more packages of wood and get them started as well. 48 hours to wait for the wood to acclimatize and prime then install. So here Saturday at 2:40 this is where things stand right now there's no going back now .

Friday, August 29, 2008

Celine Dion baby

I was offered a chance to go and see Celine Dion with my sister in law Marissa , I was so excited to be able to go see Celine , she even sang our wedding song , that was nice, she is amazing really , she sounds better live , she is gorgeous , how is that possible, it was a great show , we had a superb birds eye view, I love seeing the working of the stage , it was awesome , highly recommend you go see her if she comes to your town or near by, what energy .Thanks for including me , as my mom says I don't get out much , she's right , I would love to do this kinda thing more often and now that my kids are bigger this is much easier to do , as well it was a lovely celebration for my very last day doing daycare , yippy me!
I loved this billowy cape .
The lighting was spectacular .

I will apologize for the poor sound quality as I used my little Kodak easy share camera for these videos, I am so glad I have that feature on there, I can not believe how many videos I was able to get , I assure you the sounds was perfect in real life.

It will be fun to look at these with the kids tomorrow after I have a nice late sleep in to start my four day weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Step 1 panelled ceiling installation

Use a stud finder to find studs and mark all studs with pencil line or chalk line.
Prime all boards with a shellac based primer to hide all knots from coming through the final paint coat , I used Zinsser B I N , two coats was recommended. This should take a while.
The wood I have used is knotty pine with a V groove design, it comes in 8ft lengths and is priced at about .95 cents a sq ft, that is it covers 12 sq ft and is just over $11.00 a pkg , not bad, it is very thin and light great for easy installation , this product would be great for walls and back splashes , I plan to build a locker area in my basement and I will use this for the walls.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The ceilings are gonna finally get started

I am excited to say that I have begun the process , I have some wood and the adhesive and the special primer to hide the knots forever, I look forward to looking up and admiring my shiny white bead board ceilings just like these . Can you say stiff neck ? I must wait 48 hours for the wood to acclimate and then off to the races well a little at a time that is .

A new day is dawning

I have very exciting news, tomorrow is my last day of working "day" care , I will as of Tuesday start working towards my dream of working as a decorator, this is such an exciting time for me , as I have dreamt of this since I was 15 years old , this has been a long time coming and this is my time to full fill my dreams , these are very exciting days for me .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CK Interiors

I just wnated to point out that for any of you that check out my CK Interiors site that the address has changed to

After the painting marathon

I thought I should show my after after , to remind you it was sort of a dull green khaki colour, which I was finding rather drab , so on a whim I tried a very rich blue , hated it , then went for a soft yellow beige as it looks to me . Antarctic Ice by Glidden .
It is cheery soft and light just how I had wanted it to be , I decided to go with the arrangement on the wall that was working , I did paint the mirror black and add a small textured black star, I do like it now , it was just the drab colour that I didn't like . I need to make some new pillows and I am sure it will make me happy for a long time to come. Click on the photo for a close up look if you like.
I just need to get started on the ceiling work that has yet to begin , first week of school I will tackle that . The added texture will raise the room to a whole new level I am sure of that .

Here is the before , drab walls , white coffee table , it was fine but needed some new life a little tweak or face lift.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wonderland, house warming and antique's

What in the world is this well of course it is a string holder , you know doesn't everyone have a few of these around the house, so funny , I have never seen these before , they are quite charming , some were quite pricey this one was $45 but they went up to $95 so I passed today when I saw it at the antique market , we stopped at my favourite place to shop and favourite place to go for an outing ever on the way home from Todd's sisters house warming party a couple of hours away , we all had a great time and got a break from our dogs for the night and had a lot of laughs.
The Aberfoyle Antique market , it is the oldest outdoor antique market , it is so fun to scour the vendor's wares, lots of great deals , it is never a good idea to go there with out a good deal of storage space , you never know what you will find. This long weekend for us was quite a busy and fun filled one , Friday we went to Canada's Wonderland a big theme park full of roller coasters which the kids are finally brave enough and big enough to ride , it was a great day of trying new things for our children , when darkness came the park was truly magical like a carnival the kids loved it , it really is a different place at night , we will be going back very soon when the weather cools, 90 degrees was a bit hot for big lineups but we had a fun filled day despite my poor choice of foot wear, should have worn the good flip flops.
Off to the market then:
Wouldn't that make the nicest island?
Yard sticks , lots of yard sticks.
Lovely old lounge chairs in need of new covers.

Sophie's treasure was an old shedding toy dog for $4.00.
This table has my name written all over it , $35 can see it now after a coat or two of paint.
They had tons of these sea horses , wouldn't they look great painted aqua???
Look a fishing rod holder , isn't that the creepiest thing you have ever seen , its hoofs, yucky yuck yuck.

I really need to take more pictures of our trips , but I like to enjoy them without a camera in my face .
Mason after a 50 minute wait in line , she will not do that again , she said it wasn't worth it , too slow. I had to take a picture of these deserts ,I knew you would want to see them too, I have seen them on blogs but never had one , don't know what they are called , anyone know?? they are great , and so pretty all lined up , they are basically little cake bites with fillings all different flavours, these were from Tracy and Andrew's house warming party , remember the mudroom makeover it was their mudroom , the house is well broken in now and looks great , congrats guys.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mellow cream

Here is the chaos who hates painting , well it is done at least the walls, now I must redo the trim , it needed doing anyway .
Light bright and airy but still warm , I will be looking for something new above the settee there , I think the problem is that I was trying to use the things I have , but they just weren't right , and I need to open up to something new now, flea market here I come.

I took the kids to the water park yesterday , can we say one is easy going and the other not so much ......this picture cracks me up .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ever evolving living room

This room is ever changing , I can not tell you how happy painting the chair makes me , I tried to work more yellow in for the chair , but now it just looks like it was supposed to , it really makes me happy , the round table was moved in to this living because all the blues in the family were too jarring , but it looks great in here, the square one however does not look good in the family room , so they will go back home after the paint is fixed. Although I would really love big round ottoman for the family room , that would be great, now maybe I could make one of those ? Sure .

Paint problem solved

I am happy to share I have my new paint , I couldn't wait , my Mom is house/dog sitting and I can not bear the thought of an outsider (her friends) seeing my family room in its current state , so it will not be able to wait, I will tackle that tonight , look how nice a neutral , almost a white , bone I would say , my hubby hates it , so I think I am right on track then. Hey I tried the strong blue because he thought it was a great idea but I just can't live with it , he didn't like the dark brown bedroom idea and now loves it , I am sure I am on the right path here.
The colour is Antarctic Ice Glidden , which is almost identical to Peony by Ralph Lauren, by pure co-incidence,wink! isn't that too funny.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chair appeal

That is a better picture ,the other looked a bit dreary. One more coat for the underside to hide any hints of yellow and it will be perfect.
Inspiration of course.

I am so pleased with this quick makeover , three years in the waiting , I have been wanting to paint this chair black that was the plan when I bought it , but someone liked the yellow, it grew on me too , since my lovely dog chew a strip off of it that is then I knew it was the sign I needed to go ahead . I am still out numbered as to who likes it black, who likes it black , me that's who.

beautiful inspiration

I can not even imagine a room this large dedicated to utility , I can only imagine the size of the other rooms in this home. Can we say house keeper frequents this home.
I love this kitchen so pretty , love the grey , a colour like that needs good light .
What a charming home , all that outdoor space to enjoy , the picket fence.
This is a charming kitchen , love every inch.
Again a lovely grey kitchen ,