Monday, October 19, 2009

Custom peace

I have been meaning to show you this neat gadget I got at LeeValley tools it is a clamp that holds your paint brush for you out of the paint , it is a great tool , you can open the can with the edge and hold your brush tight without over saturating it in paint with the magnet , cool tool .
This is the project I am working on , NO I did not make it , but I found the image of what I wanted and came up with the dimensions , that's good right , and my talented cousin who is an amazing carpenter as you can see , built it for me , for someone else , it is for a very special little girl who is the niece of a very popular blogger , don't know if I can say who , so that is all you get ... can I just say I SOOOO want one of these , it is gorgeous , it is better than I had ever dared to expect it to be.
I will be finishing it and making a pretty cushion for this bench , the perfect spot to read a book , store toys or blankets or even take a little nap if you are under 5.
So this is a custom piece and it brings me peace to see how beautiful it turned out , if you are in the Greater Toronto Area or Durham Region and want one of these beauties , please email me and I will set you up.

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