Thursday, October 1, 2009

Missing in action

Oh my gosh I just remembered I was in the middle of this post , I got so inspired finding photos of slipcovered ottoman's that I went and got started on the ottoman , oops! anyway I have started , and isn't this the cutest slipcovered ottoman ? I hope mine turns out half as cute , back to sewing now .
I just love slipcovers , don't you , that relaxed feeling , my favourites are the simple , little bit wrinkly cream or natural colored ones.

This one is cute too but a little too simple.

This is the inspiration for my settee as I showed you before , all I can do now is imagine how mine will look , too excited about this .

Before this was my floral settee , it was a mother's day gift given to me the first year we lived here, so that makes it 7 years old . It is well loved but was showing its age and a good deal of wear so I finally took the plunge and I am having a slipcover custom made , I am giddy just thinking about how cute it will look with its new cover.

Something is not right here , I am happy to tell you the settee is gone now, I have sent it away for some love , the love of a new slipcover .

I am currently working on making a slipcover for my ottoman , I am thinking of a ruffle skirt , doesn't that sound cute.

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