Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Outdoor spaces with drapes

First I must share with you this wonderful post I found this morning done by BeachBrights , Chain Link Fence Curtains well let me just say this girl is brilliant and full of great style I mean check out the curtain rings , I love love this , not to mention this lovely covered little hidden porch ,the red brick , that window the ceiling the fan , its perfection , well I would be out there all the time , wouldn't you ? you would find me with some wine and great friends...she shares how you too can make a wonderful and durable curtain rod from stock chain link fence parts , I love to see items used for things other than their intended purpose so clever.
I am definitely going to do some sort of drapery for my pergola , so that we can close it up when we want to for private intimate occasions , I imagine it being so cozy and with the breeze blowing the fabric so moody.

Even if not functional it just looks great .

I know there are no drapes here but this is so sweet , I love this photo , the sweet girl climbing on the table , sure why not , and what a great table such a charming selection , not your typical outdoor set , love that and not to mention all of those lanterns, Oh I can not wait to have our pergola completed ....
So it turns out that there is a free limit for photo storage on blogger , its 1024 MB which I have used up over the last 3 years check the photo pop up box it tells you what percent you have used up, they simply offer you more storage , it was $5.00 a year for 20 GB , that outta be just fine for me, I can handle the $5.00 up blogging or starting over with a new blog seems like way too much work for me .

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