Monday, April 7, 2014

back porches

With spring here and snow finally melted it's time to start thinking about outdoor life again. Trust me we will be spending every possible moment outdoors this spring and summer. It has been a long hard winter.
Now last spring we were seriously considering a pool and in ground hot tub but when the price of our dream came in ridiculously higher than we could have ever imagined we took a step back.
But what to do? Well we need a fence badly and that is top priority this spring and as for the rest like a deck patio and outdoor kitchen it will come in good time.
I had been thinking a deck would be what we need but I don't want the weather to decide if we can enjoy days and nights outdoors so I started thinking a covered porch might be just what we need. Then that evolved into to a screened in porch with a wood burning fireplace it all came from a dream actually. I dreamt we had a covered screened in porch and then I thought of how beautifully it would function.
It would be a spring summer and early fall living space, and indoor outdoor space. A southern style back porch.
We would eat out there during the warmer months and entertain out there and nap and relax. A fireplace would allow it to be used earlier and later into the season then without. The perfect backyard retreat.

Warm days and nights perfect for outdoor dining.
I love the look of this screened in porch it's the perfect style for our house.
How could I not be inspired by these pictures.

This is also a great option , I love the idea of the metal roof, nothing like rain on a metal roof.

I'm sure this will be a big project so it may take a couple of years to see it through, so it's time to dream, design and plan.

First we need to build a privacy fence and enclose our backyard so we can enjoy the yard we do have.

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