Monday, September 21, 2009

Linen cabinet makeover

I am going to start out with a little disclaimer for the former owner of this cabinet , you may just want to skip scrolling down any further , and come back tomorrow for another post , or if you dare come on take a look at the cabinet and see how cute she is now .... To review I purchased this cabinet on Kijiji {an online classifieds site , where I buy lots of great treasure's} it is pine and was $30.00 , it was finished I believe with a can of stain / varathane mix , which is tough to work with , and I assume the owner wasn't happy with it and listed it for sale with a mirror . I gave the mirror to a friend who needs one for her daughters room , because I do not need another mirror in this house . I knew I could work with this piece it would be the perfect linen cabinet.

Here it is now , isn't it sweet , I primed it with zinsser BIN primer because I wanted to seal in any knots , I then gave it two coats of Popped Corn a Behr shade in satin finish , then I took my handy mouse sander and aged it , I always like to "wreck" it first , if a piece of furniture is going to live in my house it will see some wear so I like to start it out on purpose , and I like the look better .

I quickly filled it with toilet tissue and sheets and pillow cases , now I can use my blanket box for blankets. I plan on painting the interior teal , but I am clean out of mistint teal/robin's egg blue paint .

I added these inexpensive plastic blue knobs , they look like crystal but for a fraction of the cost $4.00 each.

So the grand total for this gem was $38.00 , amazing , think classifieds people really , I would love to get out to yard sales but I never seem to get up that early on Saturday mornings.

The girls asked for me to take them back to the barn to visit their kitty's so I did , I thought I would show some of the great pieces that I drooled over while I was there steering clear of the kitty's , allergic.
This cabinet has the original paint , gorgeous.

A coffee table of table for the kids playroom .

I could really use this cabinet , I adore it , the only bad thing about this spot is that there are no prices on the items , wonder how much this would have been ??? I can only imagine .

Wouldn't this be perfect for an office , yes , it is quite tall too about 4 feet high .

And this , how can it still be there , adorable , right .

A cute sign too .

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