Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am pleased to share that the bedding ensemble is complete , after three days of work , and more lint than I have ever seen on one floor , I am a messy seamstress, I am so happy with the results .
The floral fabric used here is a duvet cover from Ikea , the backside is the yellow stripe . The ties I made out of a cream cotton with a soft brown dot .

I used this teal check to create the trim edge for the bedskirt , the center of the flower on the headboard section of the bumper and this J on the blanket .

The backing of the quilt it the softness stretchy cream velour

Creepy foam dude found in the basement of my husbands ,the result of him cleaning his workspace , I wish I had a good explanation of what it is and why we have it but all I can say is my husband works in the cartoon field and he is a creative soul , I can live with weird things like this right! he also has a Chuckie doll , fun huh!

From this gathering of square comes a quilt .

Now I have never made a quilt well not a patch quilt anyway , but it seemed to be the best fit for the baby bedding ensemble that I am working on , which is nearly finished. I am enjoying it very much actually , I used to sew more than I do now , but this has brought out my sewing side. Oh and it is not super perfect, but overall I think it looks pretty cute , I want to add an Initial to the blanket , I think I will , if the name selection changes I can always remove it , right ?

Dear little Sophie was feeling neglected in the sewing area and requested that I make her a new pillow , we went off to the fabric store for her to choose and we came back with this Amy Butler knock off. I love it .
She then decided I could make pillow cases , even easier , voila , pretty new pillow cases in 10 minutes.

SEW easy !

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