Friday, September 25, 2009

I know how cute is that little baby ?our Moe is feeling much better these days {he was suffering from awful ragweed allergies symptoms} but after seeing the vet we got him onto some great strong antihistamines , fantastic my dogs itchy bleeding scabs will heal , well yes they did , but Moe being the sensitive creature he is , his tummy was bothered , woke me up one night with a dreadful surprise , as well this medication caused excessive thirst and constant urination . OMG , I am talking 4 times a night at least , my dear husband slept on the couch so that he could let him out as needed , because I am sure we would have all drowned in the puddles this pup was creating .
My vet is wonderful really the whole place is the best , caring , loving and adoring my animals , I even bumped into the vet at "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" , she is so sweet , apparently this is the worst year for "itchy dog" allergies are now hitting the dog population with a vengeance. We now have him on medication to get his tummy back in shape , I am getting to be a pro at ramming pills down my dogs throat , poor guy , when he sees me coming , he backs aways slowly.

I will also point out the little chair he is trying out there , I found it at a thrift store for a bargain , it is in pristine condition , I am going to recover it all after I take it all apart , it is going to be the cutest chat you have ever seen , I promise.

New pillow .
9 meters of natural canvas and piping waiting to get to the laundry mat to be pre-washed and made into the nicest slipcover , I have found a wonderful seamstress who is going to make me a custom cover , she is going to take my settee to her home and I will get it back with a new lovely dress, I am beyond excited for this . I will have a whole lot of work for her in the future , two wing chairs for me , as well as pieces for design clients.

The sweet little baby girl I made the baby bedding for will be coming next week , I am so looking forward to meeting her , I imagine her with lots of dark hair for some reason , like her mommy , I am still working on some pillows for the daybed that will be in the nursery , what do you think of this design?

This ottoman is upsetting me , it is not wearing well at all , I used drop cloth fabric , seemed like a great idea right , well I am not too sure , because it is stretching out of shape and the edges are dirty from people putting their feet up on it {which I would never discourage , a house you can not put your feet up in is not a house for me } so I think it is time to rethink it , there is a great sale on at the fabric store , I am going to have to go get a couple of yards of sturdy durable steam cleanable fabric and re-do it .
Oh and I did scotch guard this , waste of time I think. Heck maybe I will just make a slipcover for it and call it a day , I can handle this type of slipcover right ?
So we have a busy weekend ahead , big antique market to visit looking for some great finds , the kids and my husband love it too , might have to bring Moe ? , and them the boy popstar sighting , that will be fun .
Gonna go get my butt kicked my a personal trainer at my gym this morning , I am regretting signing up for that , it is just one free session , the gym is at our grocery store , I am telling you the Superstore attributes are endless . Since my kids have been back in school I have been making time for myself , going to the gym most days , I have a few dozen pounds to lose {again}
I really enjoy going to the gym because it is a ladies gym , it is working this time , sometimes I have worked out for months without losing a pound very frustrating , but this time the pounds are coming off nicely, I plug in my headphones and watch tv and work the minutes away .

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