Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Nursery is Complete

My cousin and his wife are having their 3rd baby this week, I have made them the bedding set , but that is all I have done for this room , Scott has completed this room transformation just in time, by ripping out the carpet and installing cork flooring and also adding the wainscoting , when they moved in to this house Scott installed the custom closets.
Sorry to cause any confusion although I normally show you my work this is not {well except the sewing}my handy work and no I am not having a baby , my baby is 8 years old , that is as baby as I get , but it will be fun to visit with a new baby in the family.
The bedding I made looks pretty good , who knew I could make this kind of stuff.

New trim , I love this double wainscot feature , gorgeous.

New soft on foot cork floors.

A fresh coat of paint to welcome a new baby girl , lucky girl a closet full of outfits just waiting to be modeled.

The room is ready , only one more whole day to wait.

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