Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is time to set the record straight

I am thinking these two slipcovers show the results I am after for my settee, now do I go with a box ruffle edge or something more simple , maybe I will save the ruffle for the wing chairs I want to have slipcovered at another date, one thing I know is that I want to keep the exposed legs.

Here is the sample of canvas , it will be perfect.

This is the settee , oh it is so sad , it is so past its prime and it needs a new dress don't you think ?

I have been wanting to put some of these trays in for some time now , yesterday I decided to give it a go , because this island although big and roomy inside becomes black hole , but not now after 10 minutes this was the most exciting new gadget in the house , now I just need about 4 more in the kitchen and some in the bathrooms , do you have your cabinets all tricked out with these pieces from Closet Maid , they are truly amazing.

HI friends ,
A couple of you had asked if I was having a baby , well no , that ship has sailed and me being the green mum I am I stayed within the suggested 2 children or under unadopted children , cracked me up when I heard that on CNN last night having fewer children has a smaller negative impact on the earth , watch out Duggar's.

The bedding that I did make for my cousin Scott and his wife Tammy is just that for them , I had made them some hand sewn items when their first baby was born and for other babies in the family , so Tammy asked me if I would take it on as a job to make the bedding for their baby who is coming soon , well heck I can sew , never anything like this but why not try , as long as she was not looking for complete perfection , and it turned out very well , and it was a lot of fun to make , I love baby things .

This is one well rounded design girl, I can paint , build , design , sew , re-create , install.

I have a lovely lady coming to the house today to price out a slipcover for my settee , please cross your fingers that she will be like me a low pricer, I am very hopeful , I have found a great deal on cotton canvas at $5.00 a meter what a deal .

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