Monday, September 28, 2009

Justin Bieber Madness

Worn out from a day of fun.
Screaming girls as far as the eye could see , and louder than anything I had ever heard.

Mason and her friend showing you the giant line up {to the left there} , it was probably a good half mile long .

Boy crazed girls trying to sneak a peak , just before they got kicked out of the bushes .

How cute is this picture , Dad kept our spot in line while I ran around getting the girls tattooed and gathering our dinners.

I wanted to share with you the television taping we went to last night at Wonderland {our local amusement park} we were really there to see this kid Justin Bieber , OK I have never been to an event like this , thousands of screaming girls , it was a miracle I didn't come away with hearing damage , but it was fun , I guess I missed out on that in my younger days , it was fun to see my girl's experience this kind of thing and to make it happen for them to look back on.

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