Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vintage finds

This is really kind of a sad story , here I move to this great city that has both large city comforts and just a minute down the road from my home is country , real country , farms , barns and sprawling rolling hills. There has been a big red barn that I have been meaning to check out , it is an "antique" barn , I knew they specialized in old iron beds , but when I see the word antique it congers up old fussy grandma style antiques and not the kind of pieces I am drawn to at all , I love old basic furniture with clean lines and substantial proportions , painted would be lovely but something with good lines can be transformed I am not a purest by any means .
Well it took me 7 years to get there , I decided to drag my family the country way home from our neighbours restaurant for breakfast and it was the perfect day to go in and take a look.
My husband loves to browse just as much as I do , actually we used to do this together all the time before we had kids .
Its was a gem of a place , and with such a friendly man who had such great passion for all things old , he like I adore the old painted pieces but finds most markets don't "get" it , they want freshly refurbished pieces or black painted pieces , but he like I know the real gems are the basic pieces the gems that show their history , he had so many pieces I would have loved to have kept for my own , to find another person who feels the way I do about painted furniture is a real rarity .
The girls played with unnamed farm kittens , one for each of them , they quickly named them or course, and I found a few gems for myself , 4 brackets and a pediment, scallops and all , I will not rub in the meager amount this all cost.
Now I know where to go get my fix but why did it take me so long to get around to checking in on them?

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