Monday, September 7, 2009

Almost Complete


After: I easily found a spot for my new salvage piece of decorative woodwork , why not in the bathroom I am working on right now, nothing wrong with adding a little more charm .
I didn't like the brown painted finish on it so I gave it a fresh coat of satin black , that was some dry wood , I think it needed and appreciated the love.
Should I be concerned my dog went into the room looked up at the new addition and started barking at it ? did it come with somebody ? yikes!
I spent a few hours damaging my knees on this tile floor doing the final coat of paint . Although painting is one of the steps , it might just be my least favorite part, I always get covered in paint , this time even my hair was white.

I did try the point and paint , and it was useful but in conjunction with a good sash brush, it has its place as part of a painters tools , but I lost my love for it by the end of the project , it was messy and didn't get into the corners , although it was good at smooshing the paint into the grooves of the beadboard I then needed to brush it into place more nicely .

Point and paint would get 3 * * * 's from me out of 5

All the touch up's have been made , the beadboard is complete , it turned out to be the perfect solution for this room.

I will soon have an amazing bathroom to show you , I can't wait to go photograph it , it is amazing , you will love it .

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