Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karaoke and Corbels

I found a spot for the treasured corbels I bought a few weeks back . When I put this new cabinet in place for my linens , the existing wall of photos was no longer working for me. Eureka! a couple of shelves would make a perfect photo ledge display.

I used some simple 1x6 pine board cut down to 36 inches wide and a piece of shoe moulding which I just kept it to the front as a real ledge and to create a lip.

This is my landing upstairs , I use it as an art gallery {I know I am missing one board there , need to stop putting that off } oh and it makes the very best Karaoke stage.

This space now reminds of Meg's house , you know Meg , I love her house , with all the added character , it's getting that loving feeling.

And as bonus I finally found the perfect spot for my yellow box .

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