Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby bedding is nearly complete

Mom and Dad got to preview the bedding today in place , it was pretty fun to see such a girly little bit of decor , with the exception of Mom this has been an all boy household , oh how things are going to change .
This is the bedskirt , a very nice reader gave me the heads up about an easy Velcro method of attaching the bedskirt to the mattress frame , I made it long for when the crib is high and baby is wee , and there will be a second row of Velcro strips to raise the bedskirt when the mattress needs to be lowered.

These are the ties for the bumper pad , lots of ties .

I created strips of trim from this left over remnant , I love scallops .
Next I will be making a little quilt with all of these fabrics and it will be backed with velour.

Isn't it amazing how when the day begins your intentions are so high , I always make a mental list of all the things I can realistically get done during the day , somehow I always neglect to get around to some things , like my new cabinet , I really want to get that finished . I love to work in the light , so that I can properly see the project I am working on , that includes this sewing project , it is so much nicer to sew when the sun shines light and you can see everything well .

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