Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have one more day of a house FULL of kids and then a lovely 3 day weekend to look forward to before the start of school , I think we have everything prepared for school , all the school supplies are purchased , new back packs , umbrella's , water bottles , sneakers and of course clothes, Mason even had her ears pierced again , she is getting so big totally a pre-teen or a tween . I can't wait for the before school photo shoot , we are all pretty excited to get back to reality , I think I have reached me breaking point , I have never vacuumed so much sand or made so much Kool-aid before , I am ready for a well deserved break .

I found a new handy dandy tote , it will look great any where it ends up , and knowing me that will be every where.

Looky here , while looking for letter stampers for silver jewelry making , which I did not find, and I stumbled across the clearance aisle at Michael's when I saw this tote, it appealed to me , why would I need a little tote , it is probably for scrap booking or something , oh wait I know , it would be perfect for my TOOLS , I am always dragging my essentials around with me under my arms and by the handfuls ,well this would also work , I can keep those essential tools in this handy tote , and it is pretty to boot .I tried a tool belt once , not for me at all .
The lady at Michael's laughed at me when I said I would use it for my tools , "what does she know" I CAN do lots of things , right!

Oh and yes it is AMY BUTLER , I think she is brilliant.

The bathroom is almost finished , I may even start to have bath's , I bought bubble bath just in case the urge hits. {I am not a bath girl , more of a shower girl}

This room has taken a lot of work to get to this point , painting the cabinets from oak to white , adding glass knobs , adding antique legs to the vanity. Painting the walls Beach House Blue , adding beadboard wainscot , adding a proper apron front to the tub out of beadboard as well as a marble ledge , adding tile to the ceiling on the tub area { that is a great addition not only good looking but functional } , new lighting , towel rack , two port hole style mirrors , and all new trim mouldings.

All this adding had certainly added style ,visual pleasure and value to our home , but most of all I have created a get away , an escape I have created my Beach House bathroom .

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