Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You know you love this little guy , or maybe he creeps you out

Let me introduce you to my duckboy , perhaps he is a fantasy creature , whatever he may be he is my vintage rubber ducky , the ducky of my childhood , sure he is special , I know , he has a boy attached. I am not sentimental about objects , but this one item I would not want to part with, the ducky has a Mohawk for goodness sakes .

It is the perfect bathroom accessory.

Now I bring you a real DIY project today , it is how to make a simple and easy towel rack .
I have said before I am not a fan of towel bars , they don't stay looking tidy and nicely folded therefore I prefer the hook method of drying and storing towels .

My previous towel rack was fine but needed an upgrade , I thought I would make a new and larger one , allowing two hooks for each of us .

I will start with how I install this type of rack , I map out where the hooks will go and mark the screw holes , I then center and drill a counter sunk hole, this is where I will attach the rack to the wall .

I first started out with a 6 inch wide piece of MDF board 1/2 inch thick , I cut the corner on a 45 degree angle and then sanded the edges all smooth .

I used a cool aqua shade of blue and painted it with two coats , I do not know the color of this paint , it is a can of miss tint .

I brought it back outside and used mt palm sanded and sanded it all beautifully smooth to show the edges and some of the primer.

I then added a thin coat of wax to protect the paint from the moist environment of the bathroom and to add a nice sheen , after it dried I buffed it lightly until smooth .

The before towel rack fine but a tad small .
Total cost of this project is $18.00 {$3.50 each hook and 1/2 a board of MDF $4.00}

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