Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peanut Free baked goods , oh joy

Often times , well most times baked good for someone allergic to nuts and peanuts baked goods are enemy #1 , so we don't have deserts when we eat out or are at friends houses typically and if we have cakes I have made them , there is no taking chances with your child's life to eat a dessert when most peanut allergy deaths can be directly linked back to baked items .
But oh joy the gap has been filled and Presidents Choice the house brand of The Superstore has addressed this growing need. {5 years ago there were 5 students at our school with peanut /nut allergies , this year life threatening peanut /nut allergies is at an all time high of 24 and it is mostly the youngest students of ages 4 and 5 we should all be alarmed}
Recently the one and only peanut free ice cream maker in Canada Chapman's factory has burned down , we will be out of ice cream for possibly a year , this will be tough for us since we do love our ice cream, especially Sophie .
So I am thrilled to see this new line of safe foods to indulge our sweet tooth , because the time it takes for baking I do not have .

If you are a mom or dad in Canada sending your kids to school here are some safe options that will not endanger to lives of fellow students , well done President's Choice , bravo .

Look brownies .

Curious to do a survey , do you know anyone with a peanut allergy? how many ?

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