Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to re-frame a window or door casing

I wanted to try and show you how to re-frame a window , does your casing lack style dimension? is it thin and cheap looking , don't work around it , remove it .
Step 1~ score the edges with a sharp knife {to keep drywall damage to a minimum}
Step 2~ using a small crowbar and hammer carefully remove the casing from the window or door , if any left over wood is present scrape it back carefully with knife
Step 3~ remove all left over nails or staples
Step 4~ start with the side pieces measuring from the top and bottom of the window opening installing the side pieces , remembering to leave a little reveal
Step 5~ measure from the outside of the installed pieces and cut and install the top and bottom pieces
Step 6~ intsall a piece of decorative moulding to the top of the bottom piece creating a sil
Step 7~ I then add a second piece to the bottom of the top casing for detail {enlarge photos for detail}
Step 8~ I then add a small chair rail style piece to the top creating somewhat of a crown , making sure to wrap all of these pieces around the outside edges by doing mitered corners
Step 9~ counter sink all of the nails by hammering them into the wood to create a divit
Step10~ fill all holes and caulk all corners that need filling , then after dry sand all hole flush , and prime and paint.
Done !

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Any damage to the drywall will be concealed behind new deeper trim work .

Before: thin cheap builder grade trim all over the house , we opted not to upgrade it at the building stage , although this would have been easier I am glad we did not do it because I have been able to play with different styles of trim, it varies somewhat within certain room , all the main parts of the house are the same treatment but I was able to play , as I don't enjoy just one type of trim ,as you may have been able to tell I love trim . It is all unified with the same color of paint , Behr's popped corn.

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