Thursday, September 17, 2009

It appears to be snowing chenille

I have been putting off this job for a while now , the mom to be kept telling me not to rush , the baby isn't due until October and she will be arriving by c-section so there should be no surprise arrivals , and the bedroom isn't quite finished , so I have been putting it off . I decided it was just time to dive in , to let it take over and to just getter done. I wanted to add in chenille to this set , the other fabric is a duvet cover from Ikea , I have always lived chenille , but it is nightmare to work with , fluffy dusty , you just need to get over it and embrace it really , after all the results are well worth the mess.
I was given an old bumper pad set , the set she used for her two boys , which was so great , I just tore it apart and took out the batting and copied it , a no brainer . I cut the fabric into sections and created a pattern.

I think it is pretty darn cute if you ask me, all I need to do now is to add ties and make a skirt , it will have pom poms , gosh I love pom pom fringe.

Girls are fun aren't they? like when I hopped into the shower after a great workout and all of my supplies were gone , because my 8 year old took my shampoo and body wash and scrubby thing , adorable , I am sure this is just the beginning , add to tomorrow's to do list buy Sophie her own shower works just like mine .... now where is my Oil of Olay ? MASON!

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