Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do you remember your first crush

I am taking a little break from decor posts , although tune in tomorrow for a great DIY that I have been working on , its gonna be great.... if you are not a mom of a girl or a girl this is where you may want to leave , boy crush ahead...

I will keep this post quiet from my girls, but my two daughters are a wee bit GAGA for this young up and coming star , Justin Bieber , he has Usher backing him and the girls just can't get enough , I remember those days oh so long ago Corey Hart I will admit it.
This is a first , they really don't like the Jonas Brothers at all , Hannah Montana yes , but this is a first "I am gonna marry him" kind of crush.
Well he is going to be in Toronto this weekend and we will be able to take the girls and one friend to see him , they made these signs to hopefully get noticed , what fun for them , we will expect a whole lot of screaming , I will add ear plugs to my list of to do's.

I think we should get some more poster board and spell out his name since there will be 5 of us , this might get embarassing , oh well , its all in good fun .

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