Saturday, September 26, 2009

Antique Market Finds

I had decided that there were to be no more new pieces of furniture coming into the house , that is of course why I kept coming across these wonderful pieces that I would give an arm for , right? Like this cupboard , I really would have made room for this baby , the green painted interior made me so happy , it was so hard to walk away.

We got to the market a little after lunch and they were calling for rain , it looked pretty gloomy , so unlike our normal approach we got down to business , and kind of rushed through , all the time I was looking for a fellow blogger Jennifer from Rambling Renovators but I did not see her , this place is a real maze and I got swept up in my cause and forgot to bring her phone number , I can be such a forgetful girl.
This would be a beautiful addition to our home as well .
This time I had a list , normally I do not , I go with an open mind , but this time my list consisted of :
~letters and numbers , probably metal
~hooks , painted ones
~stamping letter tools , little ones
~pretty jars
~seltzer bottles , coloured ones
~wire baskets or locker bins

Look at these beautiful giant corbels , they would make a great desk support , or island overhang support .

Loads more too .

Pretty simple buckets , these would make great toy bins .

Wire caddy , I thought it was a bit pricey at around $50.00

You know I loved this pretty tall dresser in my colour of choice.

A mail sorter , I think it was beautiful , but what could you do with this , besides fill it with crap or trinkets.

Little girl pieces , my daughters aren't into this anymore I just wanted to show you the size of them , how sweet, Umbrellas in hand it was a good thing we brought them too .
It did rain , and then some .

I loved this shelf with its beautiful paint , at $85.00 it was a bit pricey for me , as well I can't imagine where I would put it , maybe I will attempt a knock-off version.

I am so entirely tired today , from driving back and forth and from this weather pattern knocking me down .
I will show you my own goodies tomorrow , I almost completed my list ya'll !

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