Monday, May 16, 2011

Turning a page in the book of life

I have always cherished this little adorable playhouse that my girls were given when they were small , it was a very generous gift from their Grandparents , and it has been a source of much fun play for both my girls and their friends as well as many children I have babysat over the years we have lived here, and I have had a lot of fun tarting it up adding shutters and making a built in bench and painting and adding shingles to the front peak , but it has become purely a storage shed in the winter housing our pool poles, the girls have truly outgrown the playhouse, sad but it happens. What we really need in our backyard is a bigger more functional building. I have long wanted a bunkie , some where people could actually sleep comfortable in the summer months . Looks like I am going to get my bunkie and in order for that to happen we had to say good bye to our sweet playhouse . I am happy to say it is staying in the family and a sweet little girl will be enjoying it soon , after it gets assembled if the rain ever lets up around here.

This is kind of what I am thinking , I would like french doors , which I hope to find from a restore , it is going to be about 10'x10' nice size but not too big . I want two good sized windows on the sides to allow for a good cross breeze. I may create bunk beds built in , or daybed corner bed , I'm not sure about that yet , but double bunks would allow for great winter storage , and it would be nice to have a little loft space as well. The kids are going to just love this bunkie.

This is the mess we currently have , I have a lot of transplanting to do here as well as a lot of clearing.

We have also decided not to put up our pool this summer , it just wasn't used as much as I would have liked it to have been used considering how much work I did maintaining it daily , I guess the novelty wore off after the first year. So if anyone locally would like to purchase this pool which is a 15' round pool with all the supplies , please let me know , it is in great condition.

We are therefore left with this circle of sand , we are trying to decide that to do with it , we worked so hard clearing the grass , it is trying to re-grow but since it is mostly sand I think we should do something with it , like brick around the edges and use pea gravel in the center , for a little firepit , or should we just grass it over , it is so hard to decide...but something needs to be done.

There is so much work to be done in the back yard is a tad overwhelming right now actually , we tackle a little bit every season , we only can even use it half the year, so 6 months we ignore it and 6 months we try to make it better.

Here are some very inspiring bunkies.

I hope ours looks this cute when we are done , I suppose this is actually a shed but what a cute shed.

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