Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old and New

I have been wanting to make my own stamped jewelry , I think that it is charming and possibly easy .
When I was at the Aberfoyle antique market a few months back I had looked at some stamps , not realizing what they were for. After realizing these were the tools I was after I needed to make another trip to find those tools , well I was lucky this time and after asking a booth owner if he has such letter stamps , he showed me a tiny little set , a full set , I was so thrilled .

I came right home and after an attempt at a nap, I like always, couldn't wait to try something new , stamping silver .
I always wear a Tiffany style silver bracelet with a heart tag , I first stamped Sophie and Mason's names on either side , turns out to darken the letters you can use a sharpie , how easy is that .
I think I am hooked , I grabbed some other silver pieces like my cuff bracelet and stamped in "create" how fitting for me who lives to create .
I recently bought some silver discs to make into pendants but I will show you more on that later.

I will now show you all the other goodies I found there today...

These letters where hidden under some rusty old hand tools in a box , I don't know how I saw them there , I think I will add them to a piece of furniture , I am not trying to spell anything , I just bought what appealed to me.

Great patina! they are much smaller than they appear , they are smaller than the palm of my hand , I will show you soon.

Mason needed this sign , who knew she liked signs , I guess it is a new thing. Sophie got a faux pearl necklace for $2.00 and a little green glass alligator, and the stamp set was just $23.00.

Oh happy new hobby .

I found those painted hooks I was looking for .

There was a table full of jars for $2.00 each, I loved the lids .
I think these will be great for cotton balls or q-tips.

I also found my wire basket , an egg basket , I am using it for toilet paper in the master bathroom which makes it useful already .

So there you go , that was my day , hope you too had a good day , another busy day tomorrow , seeing the girl's favorite boy singer , should be fun and loud , I better go rest up , which is why I decided to put together this post tonight , I might not have gotten around to it tomorrow .
Cheers for now


Queen B. said...

i FOUND that Atlas jar too ! I put shells in it, filled it with water and's GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!

Remodeling Guy said...

Wow...great stuff. I totally love those (what do you call them...) metal stamps. I would get lost for hours coming up with words.



Heidi said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just told Jon I want to go visit my sister so she can take me antiquing!!!!

Whaaaa!!!! Sniff sniff!! I'm having a moment when I want to move back home!

I'll be alright. I think.

Marie said...

Hello Chris - oh my, what a fun new project you have! Can't wait to see what else you create. Lovin' your stamped bracelets! The metal letters are fabulous.


Brighton said...

What a great day of treasure hunting : )

Mrs. Limestone said...

Great finds!

How are you stamping those letters in? Are you using some kind of hot tool or just a hammer?

Vintage Junky said...

Those are some seriously great finds! Love your stamped bracelets!


cousin Deb said...

Lovely things, especially the stamps, how neat!

Steph said...

So lucky!!! Enjoy your treasures!

a little bit vintage said...

Great finds, Chris! Love the stamped bracelets. Absolutely adore the egg basket! :)


Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

I am infatuated with stamped jewelry and I had no idea, but I just bought a set of stamps just like the one in your photos for $3 last weekend at a garage sale.

Love everything. Ah Vintage heaven

Sharon said...

Great finds. Love Aberfoyle market.

Aubree @ The Weathered Cottage said...
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Aubree @ The Weathered Cottage said...

seriously? I love those little stamps. Someone told me you can get them at Harbor Freight for pretty cheap ($8 or so) but not antique!

Thanks for the help, I think those pics are just too high up for me. My husband HATES moving things over and over and putting more holes in the wall. So it might be a pain getting him to move it. Maybe I'll just do it myself! After all, I can use power tools now, so I can do anything, right?

Deb said...

Lucky Duck! You really made out with the shopping. The stamping on the bracelets is great & they really look pretty in wrapped around the wrist in layers - your blog is always a fun read :)

Susan said...

just found your blog and it's official. I'm in love. :)

Susan @