Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to re-frame a window or door casing

I wanted to try and show you how to re-frame a window , does your casing lack style dimension? is it thin and cheap looking , don't work around it , remove it .
Step 1~ score the edges with a sharp knife {to keep drywall damage to a minimum}
Step 2~ using a small crowbar and hammer carefully remove the casing from the window or door , if any left over wood is present scrape it back carefully with knife
Step 3~ remove all left over nails or staples
Step 4~ start with the side pieces measuring from the top and bottom of the window opening installing the side pieces , remembering to leave a little reveal
Step 5~ measure from the outside of the installed pieces and cut and install the top and bottom pieces
Step 6~ intsall a piece of decorative moulding to the top of the bottom piece creating a sil
Step 7~ I then add a second piece to the bottom of the top casing for detail {enlarge photos for detail}
Step 8~ I then add a small chair rail style piece to the top creating somewhat of a crown , making sure to wrap all of these pieces around the outside edges by doing mitered corners
Step 9~ counter sink all of the nails by hammering them into the wood to create a divit
Step10~ fill all holes and caulk all corners that need filling , then after dry sand all hole flush , and prime and paint.
Done !

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Any damage to the drywall will be concealed behind new deeper trim work .

Before: thin cheap builder grade trim all over the house , we opted not to upgrade it at the building stage , although this would have been easier I am glad we did not do it because I have been able to play with different styles of trim, it varies somewhat within certain room , all the main parts of the house are the same treatment but I was able to play , as I don't enjoy just one type of trim ,as you may have been able to tell I love trim . It is all unified with the same color of paint , Behr's popped corn.


Heidi said...

Hey sis, we just re-trimmed the doors and window in the dining room and I just filled the holes today. We did it "Chris" style, though I used the half-moon moulding around the bottom of the window sill and on the "base" of the upper board on the doors. Anyways, I consulted your blog to see how you did it!

I'm not going to start painting until we have all the recessed paneling done. Not sure when that will start as we already had to put the other materials on the ol' credit card. Want to avoid that as much as possible! :oP

sheri said...

I was so excited to see this on your blog today - you are favorite link on my blog - you rock. But i'm going to show my stupidity here - i have marble sils (is that the right word?) Can i remove that and replace with all wood trim? When i pull them up - are they resting on drywall or is there going to be a gaping hole? Any idea? You are one brave chickie. or i'm just one big chicken.

Anna said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It will definitely help when I get started ripping out and replacing our casings and trim. Great job!

Norma said...

gives me chills to see this............am way to scared to even start. i am afraid i would take them all off and never get around to putting them back. but thanks.......

Barbara Jacksier said...

I wish I was braver, too. I'd love wider trim but will have to save up to hire a helper (hubby isn't very handy.)