Thursday, March 8, 2018

Easy DIY stencilled cement steps...get this bold trendy look for very little

So many people have asked me to share how I stencilled my here it is...keep in mind I am rather new to how to posts...but here are the's a pretty simple project, I promise.

Cement tiles have been around for ages...they can be simple or colorful...but they tend to be very costly and thick and tricky to install... I wanted to add a fun bold design to my side stairs, they were lacking any interest and I had thought tile would be beautiful here...but the thickness of the tiles would not stencilling was the obvious requires very little skill and cost are minimal...and it requires no real commitment.

When I posted this photo recently on instagram it immediately blew up...I have never seen so many positive comments and likes, re-posts and blew me away, so it is clear I am not the only one loving this it cutting it have to it fun and dynamic...heck yes.

The best place I found for the stencil was through etsy...I was able to order the size I needed to for my steps...I wanted it to be bold but not busy so I carried to pattern between two steps...

the stencil is a quarter of the design, you can get a whole design if you have a larger tile look.

 I picked up some hardboard from Home Depot and had them cut it down to 6" strips then I made adjustment to fit the different dimensions of my steps...primed them and sanded them then applied two coats of trim paint, then I started stencilling...I started from the center and worked my way took a while because after I had stencilled every other one in that one direction I had to let the stencil dry to flip it and use the other's simple enough but you have to pay attention to where you are with the design...this job took 3 hours on and off to complete 8 steps...
I used black craft paint and I used a very little on a low pile small roller 
I am so in love with this black and white bold yet simple grapahic may be a very popular design making it a trend but when you stencil it it will be easy enough to change in the future...
Above this is the tile I will be installing in our laundry is only .99 cents per tile...that is pretty amazing

.99 cents a Lowes.....I can see why I am seeing this look so much more, when it becomes more accessible 
it's a good thing...beautiful things shouldn't only be available for only those with a large budget.

I suppose it would be safer to stick with something more timeless to avoid it being trendy but then things can become too safe...bland and homogenized and who wants that...there is enough of that. 
Do what you love to create the home you love...

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