Sunday, July 15, 2007

Puttering and Organizing Weekend

This in my very unfinished basement, I am really wanting a finished space, soon soon, I hope.
You'll notice the supplies changed along the way.

Click to enlarge to see just how many nails it took to get this trim work up, man hands are aching from all the sanding it took .
Well I think my admission of messiness, got the better of me , as I spend my Saturday night organizing my basement work area, I use it for sewing craft supplies and all of my power tools, as well I cleaned out the garage and put up a deep shelf for the collection of car seats I need. The hard part is always finding the time to put things back , I am often pressed for time, making sure no one is chopping a digit or two off, that's actually never happened , see I made the right decision. But for now it is organized, just need some labeling, and I even was so inclined to finish well almost finish some projects that have been dragging on , like the moulding around the bedroom doors I got most of it installed but needed to sink the holes , fill and then sand the holes as well as add the crowning type mouldings , all I need to do now is prime and paint , then fin.

I also have been working on my powder room ,it is far from complete but I have been fluffing it a bit , I am doing away with the ugly kids ikea blue and green plastic step stool in loo of a newly made by me cute step stool,it just needs a paint finish, stripes , oh how I love stripes nice wide cabana stripes. The stool was made all from scraps from other projects and the legs were from am old antique gate leg table my family had growing up ,it fell on my daughter when she was 9 months old, she was fine , but the table was after some damage in moving was purposed into a coffee table, but many leg pieces remained , 4 became a dog food bowl holder and 4 more today a stool.

It is crazy raining right now, so glad I snapped a photo of my prized day lilies, they are so fool proof, and beautiful.

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